Why to learn English? Eurovision Song Contest 2014


You want to learn English because you can’t live without it. The fact that you can’t speak it fluently frustrates you every day. Am I right? I know. I’m in the same boat. What am I doing to solve it? I’m one of the authors of MyEnglishTeacher.eu Blog, so I write and read a lot in English. But it’s another story.


I know not all of you live in Europe. So for those of you far from this beautiful continent the Eurovision Song Contest has 3 parts, 2 semi finals and a final which will be held on Saturday where the best 25 songs (countries) compete for the first place.

The winner song/country will organize the next Eurovision. The official language of the contest is English. This means you have to speak this language if you want others to understand you.

Every year I wonder about participants. Just some of them speak English well. It’s a big chance to show what you can and not just to show but even explain what your mission is and what your feelings are.


All Europe watches you and you aren’t able to tell people anything because you don’t speak the language which everyone in the world understands.

If I were a participant of this super great contest (but it’s also true if you just want to travel) I’d certainly take some English lessons before the contest. Not because of others but of myself.

I want to feel myself confident, I want to be funny, I want others to understand my jokes, my thoughts. This can only happen if you learn English.

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