You Got Me Wrong means…


you got me wrong meaning


This derives from the common idiom ‘Don’t get me wrong’ and simply means you have misunderstood me, or you misjudged me.

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You can also say ‘YOU GOT ME ALL WRONG, which means you have completely misunderstood me, or you’ve made an assumption which is incorrect.


  • I didn’t say I didn’t want to be with you John, you got me all wrong. I just meant I needed some space.
  • I think you got me wrong last week when I said you could borrow my car. I just meant you could pick your son up from school with it, not keep it for the whole week AND drive around over the weekend with it!
  • You got me wrong when I said it was a beautiful dress. I meant it looks beautiful on YOU, I wouldn’t wear it myself! You shouldn’t have bought it for me.


You got me wrong” is an expression used in everyday conversation. It is most often used when trying to rectify something that has been misunderstood. For example:

Susie: You’re telling me you didn’t like the performance?
Steven: No, you got me wrong. I liked the performance. I just feel like it could have been enhanced with more interaction from the audience!


In this situation, Susie has misunderstood Steven. Steven uses the expression “you got me wrong“, and then proceeds to explain what he had meant.

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