Facebook English: 14 Super Pages to Learn and Teach English

Facebook English: 14 Super Pages to Learn and Teach EnglishRecently, Facebook has reached 1 million users. Some people take a look at the most important newsfeeds only once a day while others live all their days in “Facebook-land”. Yes, Facebook is actually an enormous land.

The question is how you – as a student of English – can use all these contacts and companies to your own benefit? How can you learn English on Facebook?

This is how:

Read in ENGLISH! If you are hanging out on Facebook anyway, why not to read news and stories about companies? Like the BBC or CNN page or pages of companies that you like reading about or who offer interesting information. For example if you work in marketing, you should ‘like’ international pages dealing with marketing. If you are a mum, ‘like’ the pages about motherhood and children.


Become an Avid Chat User! Facebook is actually one big forum where you can leave comments and chat – not only in your language but also in English. Make use of this!

Now that you have “liked” some pages, start reading the posts and always leave comments, giving your opinion about them. Then follow the post as probably many other users will reply you. If every day you read one or two articles that interest you and leave a comment, within 2 months you’ll see that you understand the English text almost perfectly and communication has become a lot easier.

I can’t tell you which pages to ‘like’ within specific topic areas because I don’t know what interests you (but if you write it in a comments below at  the end of this post, I’ll help you to find some cool Facebook pages).

But I can tell you about the 14 pages dealing with English teaching and learning that you MUST like because they will help you.

1. MyEnglishTeacher.eu

It’s our own Facebook page where we share useful and funny posts for example, multiple choice tests, tips to learning English, unique pictures with questions and the best jokes.

2. Wordox

That is, Scrabble on Facebook. Play with your friends or with the computer. Great way to practice the words you have learnt and learn some new ones.

3. Grammarly

This is the Facebook page full of useful things for a student of English. You can learn EXTREMELY much here. New words, English grammar/structures and you even have the possibility to talk to others.

4. Babbel

Babbel is a fantastic programme. Learning words by it is so easy and funny! So, of course, their FB page can’t deal with MISSING WORD but learning new English words and chatting with people all over the world. Thus practicing words you have learned.

5. English Jokes

I can safely say that this page is half A million Facebook users’ favourite. If you want to laugh a lot, “like” it! Apart from laughing, challenge lies in understanding the jokes.

6. LearnEnglish – British Council MENA

It’s the British Council’s Facebook page so you’ll get only high-quality posts and you’ll learn a lot from them. They ask a big number of questions and this’ll help you to use what you already know. So “like” the page and answer the questions.

7. Learn English as a Second Language

You’ll get exercises continuously and can learn new idioms. Your vocabulary and grammar will improve without you paying extra attention to it and if you even talk to others then so will your fluency. Isn’t that great?

8. English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced

New words, new words, new words.

9. Dream English

I don’t forget about children either because there are plenty of sites too, where they can learn English online. One of these is Dream English that teaches children numbers and words in English through merry, playful tunes.

10. As We Travel

‘As we travel’ stars Sofia and Nathan I got to know on Twitter. They are very likeable people; but how could they be not, travelling all around the world and enjoying life?

I recommend their Facebook page because after work travel is the second on the list of reasons why we learn English. And also because you can learn a lot while you enjoy reading about their latest journey.

11. Oxford University Press – ELT

This page is mainly for teachers of English. It’s full of fantastic material and ideas. If you want your lessons to be exciting and your students to love you then you should “like” Oxford University Press’s page.

12. International Teacher Development Institute

If you are a teacher of English and like to immerse yourself in details then Barbara’s page is the one for you. A really fantastic community of English teachers who are always ready to help.

13. Livemocha

‘Relax and learn languages at ease’ – LiveMocha has always meant this to me. It’s a leisurely page where learning languages is easy.

14. TED

Why does everybody love TED? Maybe it’s because you can see and hear things here you haven’t even dreamed of. Or maybe you’ve thought about it but you haven’t found the answer yet.

Absorb all this vast amount of knowledge – and what is more, do it in English! It means you can practice listening comprehension really hard.

Remember the main thing is not to “like” these FB pages but become an avid user there. Leave comments, talk and chat, ask questions yourself because this is the only way to be able to learn English.

I can say that safely enough as I learn this way too! :)


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Written by: Anastasia Koltai

Founder of MyEnglishTeacher.eu. Ana is a fan of giving away free and useful materials both for English learners and teachers. In her free time she loves biking and playing with her dog.

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