Here is how YouGlish helps you to pronounce English words the right way


Ever wondered how to pronounce certain words with an American English, British English or Australian English accent?

Now you can watch those words being said in a video using

Just type into the search bar a word, phrase or idiom you want to hear pronounced and bob’s your uncle (there it is).

Subtitles are right under the video. Click on the next video with another example, replay or even learn new words by simply clicking on them in the subtitle area.

Here is how it worked for me when I was searching for the right pronunciation of phrase “push forward”.

push forward in Hilary Clinton's speech

And here is the description of the word “issues” I found interesting in speaker’s speech.


I think it’s an app you should give a try.

If you know another great website or app, send me an email to [email protected].
Who knows maybe one day I will put it on the website.

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5 years ago

I’ve found another amazing tool to improve your English pronunciation. You can also see the word definition and real-world usages. See more at