How to Learn English? 3 Unbelievable Pieces of Advice You Can Implement Right Away.

How to Learn English? 3 Unbelievable Advice You Can Implement Right Away.How to learn English? Each and every learner of English bumps into this question.
It’s not a coincidence.

We all have different learning techniques. Some may enjoy reading and that helps his or her improvement. Others just sit in front of the TV and watches it in English, and then understands the language perfectly (I know a person like this.)

And some people enjoy to be thrown into deep water and visit an English speaking country like the United States or England.

That would be me. I can learn English or any other language fast and brilliantly if I travel to that country.

If you are the latest type. The Kaplan International College can help with that. I have already shared their Infographic “How to learn English?” on Facebook and Twitter several times. This is an interesting study about the effective ways of learning English.

Of course it is not that simple. To travel there, stay there, study and work there. Not all of us have the opportunity to do that.

So what can you do when you have to study English at home? I’m going to share my ideas that helped me a lot in English learning and caused an incredible improvement in my English knowledge.

tips to learn English

1. Read blogs and other sites or news which are important for you in English!

When was launched I knew absolutely nothing about the online world. I didn’t know how to make the website popular or how to use social media.

At first I started to look for information in my language, but then I didn’t find enough information. So I had to check the things in English.

Since then I read everything what interests me, what contains useful information for me in English. One or two articles/day. I have made a tremendous improvement, as now I can understand anything that I read. Isn’t that what you want?

2. Reading itself is not enough. You also have to speak!

After gathering all the necessary information and reading a lot, I had my thought and plans concerning how to make popular. I started chatting with people, owners of the partner websites and bloggers.

I corresponded a lot with others and I do it to this day. It can happen through emails, Facebook comments or Twitter. These tools are all perfect for communication. Write comments or start your own blog about something that you are interested in. You should do it! Combine work with pleasure! :)

3. But communication in writing is different from live communication!

Yes I could solve a lot of things with correspondence. But there are some topics that easier to discuss in live. Live or through Skype. Here there is no other solution than speaking!

It is strange at first. You are afraid. Your heart is beating fast. But when it comes to your second live chat you begin to feel relaxed. And the third one really becomes an experience!

Then you happily realize that YOU’VE LEARNED TO SPEAK ENGLISH! :)

That’s true. You have everything you need now. Vocabulary (you gathered it when you were reading in English).

You can utilize the words you’ve learned and you also know grammar. (You practiced it with writing comments and blogging).

And finally you speak with other people from different nations face to face, and you not just speak to them but you understand what they say. (You practiced this at stage 3).

Congratulations! You’ve made it! If you follow my advice you’ll be able to speak English in a year. And this is what you wanted!

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comment box below. I will be always glad to help.

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Written by: Anastasia Koltai

Founder of Ana is a fan of giving away free and useful materials both for English learners and teachers. In her free time she loves biking and playing with her dog.

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