5 Ways to Overcome Difficulties Connected to the Conditionals


5 ways to learn conditionals

The conditional sentences in English are those types of structures that can easily mix the students. Because you have to use some tenses with a lot of self-confidence in order to produce grammatically correct sentences and what is more these tenses do not refer to their original meaning.

I found that a lot of students can struggle with this ambiguity so I collected 5 different types of practice that will help you to understand conditionals completely. Continue reading and try to repeat over and over them as long as you fully understand them.

1. The conditional in songs

This is a complex and great collection of using the conditionals in different types of songs. You’ll be surprised how many songs you will recognize and how many of them use the conditional in different context. In this video you’ll be provided with some subtitles and explanation too.

2. The second conditional in the Big Bang theory

Who says you cannot have fun while learning English? Let’s have a look at some scenes of the Big Bang theory that concentrate on the second conditional!

3. Boost your creativity with 100 what if questions!

In this fantastic online collection (by Game Changer) of questions you can read What if? questions that try to arouse your creativity in a unique way. What if it was smaller? What if it was thicker? What if it was higher?…and so on.

It also provides some answers referring to different areas of life that could make a real difference if you think it through. Check the ideas. They will make you think while you can practice the second conditional!

4. Read and understand conditionals!

If you require a detailed, comprehensive a chart and explanation then you shouldn’t hesitate to click on EnglishTenses.com.

5. Make a wish list!

Most people enjoy daydreaming, why not doing it in English? You can prepare your own wish list using the second conditional!

If I had a million dollars I would travel around the world. I wish I had more time to study some more English!

And you know what? If you have finished it, write your bucket list using the first conditional…If I have my first million dollars, I will travel around the world. When I have more free time I will focus on improving my English!

Don’t forget that conditionals are important to understand and use properly as they carry a very important extra meaning in the language and they are quite commonly used!

How did you study the conditionals? Can you add any useful websites or practice tasks?

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