Family Relationships in English & Names of Family Members


Family Members Chart in English

uncleauntparent's sibling
nephewniecesibling's child
cousincousinaunt's/uncle's child

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Most commonly used Phrasal Verbs about Family

family members

Basic Family Members

father – somebody’s male parent

mother – somebody’s female parent

parent – somebody’s father or mother

son – somebody’s male child

daughter – somebody’s female child

husband – the man who a woman is married to

wife – the woman who a man is married to

spouse – somebody married to another person; husband or wife

brother – a boy or man who has the same parents as another person

sister – a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person

sibling – a brother or sister

elder brother/sister – a brother/sister who is older than you

younger brother/sister – brother/sister who is younger than you

grandfather – somebody’s parent’s father

grandmother – somebody’s parent’s mother

grandparent – somebody’s parent’s parent

great grandfather – a father of your grandparent

Family Members Translation

English uk flagfathermotherparents
Spanishspain flagpadremadrepadres
Frenchfrance flagpèremèreparents
Italianitaly flagpadremadregenitori
Germangermany flagVaterMutterEltern
Portugueseportugal flagpaimãepais
Russianrussian flagпапамамародители
Chinesechina flag母亲父母
Japanesejapan flagおとうさんおや
Polishpoland flagojciecmatkarodzice
English uk flagsondaughterchildren
Spanishspain flaghijohijaniños
Frenchfrance flagfilsfilleenfants
Italianitaly flagfigliofigliabambini
Germangermany flagSohnTochterKinder
Portugueseportugal flagfilhofilhacrianças
Russianrussian flagсындочьдети
Chinesechina flag儿子女儿孩子
Japanesejapan flag御子息お嬢さんこどもたち
Polishpoland flagsyncórkadzieci
English uk flaghusbandwifespouse
Spanishspain flagmaridoesposacónyuge
Frenchfrance flagmariépouseconjoint
Italianitaly flagmaritomoglieconiuge
Germangermany flagEhemannFrauEhepartner
Portugueseportugal flagmaridoesposacônjuge
Russianrussian flagмужженасупруг
Chinesechina flag丈夫妻子配偶
Japanesejapan flag旦那奥様配偶者
Polishpoland flagmążżonawspółmałżonek
English uk flagbrothersister
Spanishspain flaghermanohermana
Frenchfrance flagfrèresœur
Italianitaly flagfratellosorella
Germangermany flagBruderSchwester
Portugueseportugal flagirmãoirmã
Russianrussian flagбратсестра
Chinesechina flag兄弟姐姐
Japanesejapan flagお兄さん姉妹
Polishpoland flagbratsiostra

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great grandmother – a mother of your grandparent

grandson – somebody’s son’s or daughter’s son

granddaughter – somebody’s son’s or daughter’s daughter

grandchild – somebody’s son’s or daughter’s child

uncle – somebody’s mother’s or father’s brother; your aunt’s husband

aunt – somebody’s mother’s or father’s sister; your uncle’s wife

nephew – somebody’s brother’s or sister’s son; your husband’s or wife’s brother’s or sister’s son

niece – somebody’s brother’s or sister’s daughter; your husband’s or wife’s brother’s or sister’s daughter

cousin – somebody’s parent’s brother’s or sister’s child; somebody’s aunt’s or uncle’s child

stepfather – your mother’s husband (not your real father)

stepmother – your father’s wife (not your real mother)

stepbrother – your stepfather’s or stepmother’s son (at least one of your parents is different)

stepsister – your stepfather’s or stepmother’s daughter (at least one of your parents is different)

stepson – your spouse’s son (from an earlier marriage)

stepdaughter – your spouse’s daughter (from an earlier marriage)

father-in-law – your spouse’s father

mother-in-law – your spouse’s mother

brother-in-law – your spouse’s brother

sister-in-law – your spouse’s sister

son-in-law – your daughter’s husband

daughter-in-law – your son’s wife

boyfriend – a boy or man that a girl or woman goes out with

girlfriend – a girl or woman that a boy or man goes out with

widow – a woman whose husband has died

widower – a man whose wife has died

bachelor – a man who has never been married

spinster – a woman who has never been married

single – a person who isn’t married and doesn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend

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12 Words and Phrases with Examples

1. baby – a very young child

  • I always do some housework when the baby is sleeping in the afternoon.

2. infant – a baby or very young child, newborn child

  • My sister is 14 years old, but sometimes she acts like an infant.

3. toddler – a young child who has just learnt to walk

  • Toddlers can walk, but they don’t always talk yet.

4. marriage – legal relationship between a husband and wife

  • She only has a stepdaughter from her husband’s first marriage, but she likes her as her own.

5. marry (sb), get married to sb – become somebody’s husband or wife

  • My father was 29 and my mother was 25 when they got married.

6. go out (with sb) – spend time with somebody and have a romantic or sexual relationship with them

  • My parents had been going out for two years before they got married.
  • My mother doesn’t like that I go out with Tom; she says he’s too old for me.

7. get engaged – agree to marry somebody

  • Imagine, my sister has just got engaged to a footballer, they’re planning to get married in the summer.

8. wedding – the act of marrying, a marriage ceremony (and the meal or party that usually follows it)

9. bride – a woman on her wedding day, or just before or just after it

10. (bride) groom – a man on his wedding day, or just before or just after it

  • The prince’s wedding ceremony will take place in the cathedral. Then the bride and the groom will be taken to the wedding reception in an open Rolls Royce.

11. honeymoon – a holiday taken by a couple who have just got married

We couldn’t go to the Bahamas on honeymoon, but we felt sitting on the top of the world even in a campsite at the local lake.

12. divorce – the legal ending of a marriage; end your marriage legally

  • Unfortunately, very many marriages end in a divorce in our country.
  • She divorced her husband immediately when she learned he had a secret girlfriend.
  • My friend and his wife got divorced at last, after long years of quarrel and disagreement.

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kamini kapoor
kamini kapoor
4 years ago

Wow! you have included “Family Relationships in English And Phrases About Family” in your blog. all readers can get such good and important knowledge very easily know.

As we are running spoken English classes in greater Noida, the information will be study material for my students and I ill definitely use it.

we are appreciating your hard work

Muhammad Sheraz
Muhammad Sheraz
4 years ago

good knowledge for all

Muhammad Sheraz
Muhammad Sheraz
4 years ago

It best for all

6 years ago

Miss Suleban married to Jack. Now what will be the the name of the relationship between
Suleban and Jack’s father ?

Reply to  Nilom
5 years ago

Jack’s father would be Suleban’s father in law and Suleban would be Jack’s father’s daughter in law.

4 years ago

You people are good hear 👍👍👍

Aajad khan
Aajad khan
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5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the information…We all know these little things but now it will even be easy to define it to someone.Thanks for defining so well with easily language.

4 years ago

Thank you for your contribution and hard work. Thank you very much.

3 years ago

In a married couple. The bride’s parents and bride groom’s parents are there. In India, particularly Tamil Language they called each other as “Sambhandhi” to mention the bride’s parents. Can you help to find the equivalent word in English?

5 years ago

Very good & helpful information available on your website. It covers all topic for learning English.

4 years ago

Actually this lesson is amazing and useful for me. I got many words I have missed.
I would like to thank you so much for every single thing here.

8 months ago

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