Request for Quotation Template ๐Ÿ“ฉHow to Write an Email asking for a Quote?


When youโ€™re looking to buy an expensive product, or to contract a service, you often want to shop around for the best price. You need to write a quotation request. That means you have to request a quote from several different suppliers to find the best price for what you want. But how do you ask for a quote?

Usually, itโ€™s easiest to email the company you want the quote from. This is for two reasons:

  1. You can send them exactly what you want and need in written form. That way thereโ€™s no room for confusion.
  2. Youโ€™ll have the price quote written down, so that they can’t change the price later (unless you change what you want, of course).

Quick tips for requesting a quote

  1. Be as specific as possible
  2. Give as many details as you can
  3. Be concise
  4. Be formal but polite

How to start an email requesting a quote

To start an email to a company, itโ€™s best to be formal and polite. If you happen to know the name of the person you’re contacting, you can use:

  • Dear Mr. or Mrs. ______,

However, if you’re simply asking for a quote, you don’t need to do lots of research into who works at the company in order to find out their name. Therefore, it would be perfectly acceptable and polite to use:

  • Dear sir/madam,
  • To whom it may concern,

The main body of your email requesting a quote

When requesting a quote, you need to tell the people youโ€™re emailing exactly what youโ€™re asking for in a clear, precise way:

Here are some example sentences:

  • I would like to request a quote for _________.
  • I would be interested to know the price of ________.
  • Please could you send me a quote for_______.
  • Please could you provide me with a quote for ______.
  • I would be grateful if you could send me a quote for the following_______.

When you’re asking for a quote, itโ€™s best to let the company know exactly what you want, in detail, so that they can tell you how much it would cost. It is also helpful to find out exactly what the company does, so that you can list the specific services you want a quote for. Give as much detail as possible, but be concise. If relevant, you should include the following information:

For a service:

  • When you want it
  • Whereย you want it
  • Materialย required
  • How long it will take
  • What the locationย is like where the service will be carried out

For a product:

  • If there are different options, which ones you want specifically
  • If / where you want it delivered to
  • What you need it for (if appropriate)

Signing off an email requesting a quote

Be polite and formal when youโ€™re signing off an email. You donโ€™t need to be particularly friendly, but if you want to write a sentence at the end about hearing back from the company, you can choose from the following examples:

  • I hope to have an early response from you.
  • Hope to hear back from you soon.
  • Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Then you need to sign off the email with a sign-off and your name. Here are some options:


  • Yours sincerely,
  • Sincerely,
  • Regards,
  • Warm regards,

Less formal:

  • Best,
  • Best wishes,
  • Many thanks,
  • With gratitude,
  • Thanks in advance,
  • I appreciate your help on the matter,

Request a quote template

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to request a quote for a _________. I have seen that your company sells several different models, but since I need it to ______ and ______, I feel the __________ would be the most appropriate.

I would also know how long it would take to ship the _______ to [place where you live].

Thanks in advance,

[Your Name]

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