Request for Quotation [Template] 📮 How to Write an Email Asking for a Quote?


When you’re looking to buy an expensive product or to contract a service, you often want to shop around for the best price. You need to write a quotation request.

That means you have to request a quote from several different suppliers to find the best price for what you want. But how do you ask for a quote?

Usually, it’s easiest to email the company you want the quote from. This is for two reasons:

  1. You can send them exactly what you want and need in written form. That way there’s no room for confusion.
  2. You’ll have the price quote written down so that they can’t change the price later (unless you change what you want, of course).

Quick tips for requesting a quote

  1. Be as specific as possible
  2. Give as many details as you can
  3. Be concise
  4. Be formal but polite

How to start an email requesting a quote

To start an email to a company, it’s best to be formal and polite. If you happen to know the name of the person you’re contacting, you can use:

  • Dear Mr. or Mrs. ______,

However, if you’re simply asking for a quote, you don’t need to do lots of research into who works at the company in order to find out their name. Therefore, it would be perfectly acceptable and polite to use:

  • Dear sir/madam,
  • To whom it may concern,

The main body of your email requesting a quote

When requesting a quote, you need to tell the people you’re emailing exactly what you’re asking for in a clear, precise way:

Here are some example sentences:

  • I would like to request a quote for _________.
  • I would be interested to know the price of ________.
  • Please could you send me a quote for_______.
  • Please could you provide me with a quote for ______?
  • I would be grateful if you could send me a quote for the following_______.

When you’re asking for a quote, it’s best to let the company know exactly what you want, in detail, so that they can tell you how much it would cost. It is also helpful to find out exactly what the company does, so that you can list the specific services you want a quote for. Give as much detail as possible, but be concise. If relevant, you should include the following information:

For a service:

  • When you want it
  • Where you want it
  • Material required
  • How long it will take
  • What the location is like where the service will be carried out

For a product:

  • If there are different options, which ones you want specifically
  • List of products
  • Product requirements
  • Product overview
  • Product quantity
  • Product specs
  • If / where you want it delivered to
  • What you need it for (if appropriate)

Signing off an email requesting a quote

Be polite and formal when you’re signing off an email. You don’t need to be particularly friendly, but if you want to write a sentence at the end about hearing back from the company, you can choose from the following examples:

  • I hope to have an early response from you.
  • Hope to hear back from you soon.
  • Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Then you need to sign off the email with a sign-off and your name. Here are some options:


  • Yours sincerely,
  • Sincerely,
  • Regards,
  • Warm regards,

Less formal:

  • Best,
  • Best wishes,
  • Many thanks,
  • With gratitude,
  • Thanks in advance,
  • I appreciate your help on the matter,

📮 Request a quote template

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to request a quote for a _________. I have seen that your company sells several different models, but since I need it to ______ and ______, I feel the __________ would be the most appropriate.

I would also want to know how long it would take to ship the _______ to [place where you live].

Thanks in advance,

[Your Name]

📮 Request for Quotation Email Subject

Requesting a quotation from a firm is a formal matter. It is also a very straightforward request, and companies have experience fulfilling it. Because of this, it is very important to be upfront, and to the point.

A formal email subject should detail exactly what is requested and who is requesting it.

For example:

  • Subject: Request for quotation concerning the Pearson Project – John Doe

A formal email subject should have the request for quotes placed first, followed by the specific matter it is for.

In the last place, it is always good to add the name of the person requesting the quotation, so that the people reading it know exactly who it is from.

In any vendor company, the people responsible for checking emails have to read so many that more information within the subject saves them a lot of time.


  • Subject: Request for quotation (matter or project)(name)

📮 Request Price Quotes Email Sample

Requesting price quotes is usually done for goods. When you need some goods from suppliers delivered for a certain project you contact a company that sells them and then request a formal quotation for the things you need.

If you know the name of the person you are contacting use “Dear (their surname),” and if not use just “Honored.”

After that always make sure to introduce yourself, or your company, first. After that, you can formally request a quotation for the things you need.



We at the Doe Construction Company are working on a new project building a bridge over Key Bay. For this project, we would require several items provided by your company. We would like to request a price quotation for the following items:

(List of items here)

If you have any deals for bulk purchases please add them in the quotation. We are looking to purchase the items immediately.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, (or “Best,” or “Best wishes)

(your name here)

Sample email asking for a price quotation


Through this email, I wish to formally request a product price quotation for a selection of goods from your esteemed company. I am the project manager for Doe Ltd. And we are working on a new building that would benefit from using your products.

We wish to buy in bulk, so please add any bulk offers you provide.

The items in question are:

(detailed list of times here)

In case you require any further information, or due to company policy we need to fill out a quotation form, do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly doing business in the future.


John Doe, project manager

This template can change depending on the circumstances. If you know exactly the number of each item you will need then add that. Be specific with vendors when you can.

Always make sure to add all the information you can into the email, and know exactly which items the company offers and you are looking for. Make sure to offer your time in case the company needs more information.

📮 Request a Quote Form

A quote form is a document that needs to be filled out in order to request a quotation.

Instead of submitting the request per email personally, a quote form can be used if the company offers it. These forms are specific for each company, and they need to be filled out with personal information and the items you require to be quoted.

Quote forms follow templates that make filling them out fairly easy. Similar to an email these forms require much of the same information. Quote, forms are used to speed up the formal request process. Just click the Quote button at the end.

In order to request a quote form you just have to ask for it specifically, if a company offers it. If you ask for a formal quote, but the company offers only quote forms, they will send you a form instead of a quotation. You will receive the quotation after you fill out the form. 

Quote forms are a good way to keep track of which companies were requesting quotes, and which items are most sought after. The form needs to be filled out like any other form and can be used to store information.

Since every company has its own type of quotation form, here are two examples of what you might get. One is from a construction company, and the other is from a catering company.

Example (construction company):

Personal information

Company name: Doe Construction Ltd.

Name: John Doe

Company address, zip code: Westburg Street 33

Personal address: Southbend 13

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01 336 997

Project information

Current date: 1.6.2019

Starting date:1.12.2019

Proposed deadline: 1.10.2020


Item #: here you input the item number found on the company’s website if you’re looking for something specific. Or, the company will add the time number. This depends on the form itself.

Description: Describe the item.

Quantity: Number of items you want

Project outline

Partners: Any possible partner company you are working with. For example – Clear Construction co.

Budget: Here you input your proposed budget for the project. If you have the funds allocated just put in something like $3000 000, if not just put in: /

External funding: If you are being funded by the government, or private investor, put that here. For example: Chicago City Council.

Example (catering company):

Personal information

Name: John Doe

Address: Doe street 9

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01 336 997

Event information:

Type of event: This can be anything from a birthday, wedding, conference, etc. Just put down exactly what kind of event it is.

Location of event: This can be your own home, office building, or a rented space for the occasion.

Persons attending: 130-150, or any other number of people attending.

Age: 7-50, or any other age group. Just write down the age of the youngest and oldest person attending.

Transportation: Private, rented, provided by the venue. This means who will be transporting the catering. Private means you will be driving, they have to handle transportation themselves. Rented or offered by venue means they can be included depending on the price.

Amenities: Furnished kitchen, bar area, none. Just describe what the company has to work with. If there is a kitchen they can cook fresh meals there, if not they can bring it done beforehand.

Menu information

Type: Italian, French, English, fast food, canape, etc. Any type of specific menu you want.

Kid’s menu: Yes / no.

Restrictions: Possible allergies or for people on special diets. No nuts, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.

After filling out any type of form the company will get back in touch with you with a full quotation on the price. Just make sure to always fill in the form as best you can, and provide all the info you can.

📮 Request a Quote Meaning

To request a quote means to formally ask for the price of certain items or services. “Request for a quote” can also mean “Invitation for Bid”.

Some suppliers offer specific items they make, like construction materials, and others offer services, like pest control. When you request a quote you are not buying from a catalog, but you are asking for the prices given to other companies and projects.

By requesting a quote you commonly ask for the prices of items in large quantities (bulk). This is often used in construction. For services, you are asking for specific prices, payment terms, and maybe long-term contracts offered between companies.

Quote request means that one company has an interest in the items or services of another company, supplier. It is not a request between people alone, but also their companies too.

📮 How to Request a Quote?

Requesting a quote is not complicated. The only thing it requires is information about the goods or services you need to know the price of.

In order to request a quote, you need to know exactly which items you are looking for, and if the company you’re asking for has or makes them. For services you need to know if the company you are asking provides them.

When you know all about the items and service you can request a quote from the company. In order to do that you can either ask via email or fill out a quote form. Requesting a quote means simply asking formally for a quotation about the prices of goods or services.

📮 Request a Quote for a Car

There are many factors that are important for the price of a car. The age of the car is important, and the model, the kilometers are driven, and the condition. These factors are taken into consideration when quoting the price of a car.

A new car from the car dealers does not have to consider all these factors, so the quoting can change. When buying a car from a dealers the price changes depending on the added features of the car. And don’t forget the dealer fees. 🙂

In order to request a quote for a used car, you need to ask for all the factors about the car.

An example of a quotation for a used car:

Model: Nissan Altima
Year: 2012
Kilometers: 130000
Condition: used tires, repaired rear bumper, changed brakes, repaired rear suspension, etc.
License and registration: valid until 2020
Price: $13 600

This is important information because some sellers might not quote all of these factors, and possibly more. So make sure to specifically ask for them if they do not appear. Requesting a quote for a car means looking for more information than other quotes.

When buying a new car from dealers the salesman will offer features that will change the price. When requesting a quote for a new car the information will be provided.

📮 Request Insurance Quote

There are many things that need insurance. There are ways to insure your car, your home, or get life insurance for you and your family. In order to request a quotation for any type of insurance you first have to know which type you need.

Different types of insurance require different information in order to request a quote. It does not have to be complicated, but you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Car insurance is not the same as life insurance or home insurance.

Life insurance requires the most information to be provided, so let’s use that as an example. For a life insurance quotation, you will need information on:

health history (any previous illnesses or continued disabilities), current health (any recent illnesses), insurance goals (what the insurance is for), and income and assets (how much do you earn and what do you own).

Example request:


My name is John Doe (your name here), and I wish to request a formal quotation for a life insurance package with your esteemed company. The request is only for myself and has no dependents (if you wish to add family put them here).

I have no serious injuries or illnesses in my medical history (medical history here in case you had some major health issues), and no disabilities or continuous health risks (change if this is not correct for you). A recent health checkup shows I am in perfect health (add recent health information here).

The insurance is set to cover my mortgage and any outstanding debts in case of loss of life, or disability coverage in case of serious injury (put specific reasons for health insurance here, it can be used to pay any debts or cover funeral costs, or help the remaining family).

As a pharmaceutical engineer, I earn upwards of $100 000 a year and own a house, and one car (add your income and assets here). In case you might require a full asset report I will gladly provide it.

At your earliest convenience please provide me with a full quotation. If there is anything more you might need do not hesitate to ask me.


John Doe

For car insurance or house insurance, you need to provide information about those things.

👉 For car insurance you need to give information on: model, type, year, and license and registration number of the car; the names of all the people who drive the car (you and anyone from the family that has driven or will drive the car); driving history like kilometers on the meter, any repairs, or accidents; the driver’s licenses of all the drivers.

👉 For house or apartment (or property) insurance you need to give information on: the year the house or apartment was built, any repairs or renovations done on the property, the size of the property, the number of people currently living there, all details about the things inside the property (like the heating, how old are the things in the kitchen, is the plumbing new or older, etc.), and the overall condition of the property.

In order to get a full insurance quotation, you need all the information you can get, and provide it to the company. They will compile the information and return it to you with a quote about the price of insurance.

📮 Email Quotation to Customer

Sometimes a company contacts a customer about a change in prices. When that happens the company sends out a full quotation about the new prices to their client list. This is usually done via email.

When sending a quotation about new prices to customers only include the new information, since clients already have previous prices. You can also include new bulk deals or special offers. This is also a good time to include new items if the company offers them now.


Dear Mr. Doe (name of customer here),

Thank you for being a valued customer of Key Construction (company name here). We appreciate doing business with you.

At Key Construction, we always seek to improve our customer relations, offers, and the value of our products. This includes a revision of our expenses and price list.

It is with great pleasure to inform you that we have lowered the prices on some of our most popular products. These include: concrete mixing machines will now be $1300 from the previous $1500, (add all the items and new prices, as well as old prices, here). Our new products include: solar panels starting at $5000 depending on size, (add all new products here).

These new prices and products will be available as of 1.9.2019 (date here).

We believe this expansion of products and reevaluation of prices shows our dedication to providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Anna Doe, sales representative (your name and position here)

📮 Reply Email for a Quotation Request

Replying to a quotation request can be done in two ways. One is by providing a full quotation in the email itself. The other is by giving the customer a quotation form to fill out.

If you are completing a full quotation in the email you have to add the information in the body of the email, or you can write it in a file and add it in the attachment.

Address the customer formally, as with any business email, and write down the information they need.

In case there is some information the customer did not give you, and you need it, ask for it nicely.


Dear Mr. Doe,

It has come to my attention that you did not provide the exact number of items you quoted. Could you please specify the quantity of your proposed purchase? Or, in case you wish to know our bulk offers, please state so in the request.


Anna Doe, sales representative

In case you have a quotation form the company requires the customer to fill out, then send the customer that form. Make sure to tell the customer that it is company policy to fill out quotation forms, and not to send quotations in emails.


Dear Mr. Doe,

In the attachment, you will find a quotation form. It is company policy that we provide detailed quotations only after the form has been filled. Once you have the time please fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as processing is done.

Thank you for your patience.


Anna Doe, sales representative

📮 Request for Quotation for Catering Service

Catering can be used for various events such as birthdays, weddings, conferences, or just a simple party. Catering offers food for a number of people and can provide different types of dishes depending on the occasion. Also, some caterings offer dishes that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or if someone is allergic they will remove the things they are allergic to.

It is important to know the occasion, number of people, or possible restrictions such as diet or allergies. This information is important because it will all factor into the quotation request.

In order to get a quotation from a catering company, you need to provide the exact information so they can judge the expenses.

To request a quotation you need to tell the catering company the following: the location they will be catering at, the type of occasion it is, the number of people (between 100 and 120, for example), the type of menu that you want (Italian, cakes, tapas, snacks), will they be serving drinks or will you provide drinks (drinks provided by you, or an open bar by the catering company, or a certain amount of drinks from the catering company), possible restrictions (diet, allergies, preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free), will a child menu be included, etc.

Add any information about the event that you can to get the best possible quotation.


Honored Ms. Doe,

My name is John Doe and I would like to request a quotation for the price of a wedding from Cultural Catering Company.

We will be celebrating in the Delaney Guesthouse, on 33 Western Street, from 9 PM until late. There will be an open bar which is staffed by the guesthouse.

The guesthouse will provide kitchen amenities, and the Cultural would complete the meals. The meals requested are traditional Italian food, and there are no health restrictions.

A full 3-course meal and desert plan depending on your offers are applicable. There will be between 200 and 230 people in attendance. Please also include the possibility of a children’s menu.

If there is any more information you might require please let me know.

Thank you for your time.


John Doe

📮 Request for Quotation vs Request for Proposal

There are some key differences between a quotation and a proposal. Both are formal requests between a person and a company, but more commonly it’s between two companies. Both can request certain items or services.

To request a quotation means to ask for specific prices of certain items. This means that your company, or you, want to purchase these items in the future.

In order to request a quotation, you need to know which items or services the company you are asking for offers.

👉 By asking for a quotation you are not asking the company to work with you. This only means that you want more information about their prices. If you choose another company you do not have to purchase any of the items you requested a quotation for.

👉 When you ask for a proposal or propose something to a company yourself, you are asking them to work with you or to change their prices. To propose means to suggest, or to offer. If you think a company could give your company some items for a lower price, and both companies would benefit from it, you make a proposal.

Many times companies will work with each other under different types of proposals. In construction, one company might ask for the items from another company for a lowered price. But then the items would also be purchased for another project for the same price.

The items bought at a lower price would be purchased more times, and the companies might work together on all their projects. They would both benefit from working together if a good proposal is made. Proposals need to be well informed and need to have a clear idea.

When you request a proposal you are asking what a company can offer in order to work with you. Many companies have open positions for working with other companies, and they request proposals in order to choose who to work with. By requesting a proposal you want the company to suggest the best possible work relationship.

Proposals can be made, and they can be asked for. If you are making a proposal you are suggesting how two companies can work together. If you are requesting a proposal you are asking the company how they want to work with you.

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