40 Different Ways to Say “You Are Beautiful!”


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Have you seen someone you just can’t take your eyes off of? Not sure how to tell them what you think of them? Have you already said you think they’re beautiful? If so, then here are some other ways of expressing yourself! More ways to say You are beautiful!

Just remember that some of them you can only use if you are quite close to the other person. If you don’t know them well, then choose your words carefully!


    • You’re very beautiful!
    • You’re very pretty!
    • You look as pretty as always!
    • You’re so adorable!
    • You look drop dead gorgeous!
    • You have the most beautiful eyes! (or another feature that you like e.g. smile, nose, lips etc.)
    • You have the most beautiful smile!
    • You have the most beautiful lips!
    • I think you’re very attractive!
    • Wow, you’re gorgeous!
    • I think you’re stunning!
    • You look stunningly beautiful!
    • I think you’re super cute!
    • You look hot!
    • I love the way you look today!
    • I love the way you look tonight!
    • You have looks to die for!
    • You look so radiant!
    • You look absolutely fantastic!
    • You look great!
    • You’re beyond gorgeous!
    • Watching you is like listening to angels sing!
    • You look out of this world!
    • You make my heart melt!
    • I can’t take my eyes off of you!
    • Your smile melts my heart!
    • I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world!
    • I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you!
    • Your beauty is incomparable!
    • You look like an angel!
    • You are beautiful inside and out!
    • You look sexy! 
    • Your skin is so soft! 


  • You are a beautiful specimen!
  • You’re delicious!
  • I think you’re fit (British)!
  • I think you’re hot!
  • You’re quite a hunk!
  • I think you’re rather hunky!
  • You look quite dapper (British)!
  • You’re very handsome!
  • I think you’re good-looking!
  • You look gorgeous as always!

Ways to say You Are Beautiful

different ways to say you are beautiful

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I want to teach English

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