14 Most Common Collocations with RICH!


Most people would like to be rich. Possibly, not as rich as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, but we would all like to lead a carefree life in which we don’t have to worry about money.
In this post, you can learn the most common English collocations with the word ‘rich’.
1. RICH VOCABULARY (using an extensive vocabulary)

  • Dr Watson was impressed by Sherlock’s rich vocabulary.
  • Follow our blog posts if you’d like to build a rich vocabulary.

2. RICH HISTORY (interesting, eventful history)

  • Gotham City doesn’t have a rich history to be proud of.
  • Japanese Koi Fish tattoos have a long and rich history.

3. RICH CULTURE/ ART (full of interesting, valuable works)

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum showcases many country’s rich art and culture.
  • I’d love to travel to New Zealand to explore the rich Maori culture.

4. RICH SOURCE (containing a lot of something)

  • Popeye loves spinach, because it’s a rich source of iron.
  • Hulk loves eggs because they’re a rich source of protein.

5. RICH FOOD (filling food with high calorie ingredients)

  • I can’t believe you ate all that chocolate cake.
  • Oh, I like rich food.

6. RICH TASTE/ FLAVOUR (intense, full-bodied taste)

  • Christmas pudding has such a rich taste.
  • I love tiramisu because of its rich flavour.

7. RICH COLOUR/ SOUND (strong, deep, pleasing colour or sound)

  • I’d like to have really rich, warm brown hair, like Kim Kardashian’s.
  • That bass guitar has such a rich sound.

8. RICH SOIL (soil that is high in plant nutrients)

  • The soil in California is so rich, you can grow anything even if you don’t have a green thumb.
  • ‘But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word and understands…’ (Matthew 13:23)


  • Do you think the rich and famous are happy?
  • Where do the rich and famous go on holiday?


  • The gap between rich and poor is becoming wider and wider.
  • Jim Goldberg’s photos of the rich and poor are amazing.

11. RICH VARIETY (great variety)

  • We serve a rich variety of seafood delicacies in our restaurant.
  • Mexico offers a rich variety of cultures and traditions.

12. FILTHY RICH (informal: very rich)

  • Developing countries are the best place to get filthy rich in no time.
  • He got filthy rich selling real estate.


  • Which are the most oil-rich states in the US?
  • I’m not sure, but I’d sure like my garden to be oil-rich.

14. BE RICH IN (contain a lot of something)

  • Mangoes are rich in fiber.
  • I didn’t find American Pie especially rich in humour.
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