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6 Excellent English Grammar Apps for Android

When it comes to learning grammar, sometimes it’s better to do it in small chunks but often. It also helps when you can learn...

Between vs Among: Everything You Wanted to Know + 15 Examples

The meaning of these two prepositions, between and among, is similar, still the two words are not interchangeable. Among means surrounded by somebody/something in the middle...

Good vs Well. Quick and Easy Tips to Understand the Point

This simple explanation of "good vs well" will quickly help you to understand the point. Good is usually an adjective (which modifies nouns) while well...

Affect vs Effect: Quick Explanation with 21 Amazing Examples

The difference between affect and effect!  Affect is a verb meaning the following: 1. Produce a change in somebody/something, to have an influence on somebody/something: How will...

Whoever vs Whomever. Quick and Easy Tips!

The use of whoever and whomever depends on the pronoun's function in the sentence. Whoever stands in the subject position, while whomever is an...

So and Such (Simple Infographic to Improve Your English)

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Ensure vs Insure ››› Short Explanation with Simple Examples

Let me show you quickly what's the difference between ensure vs insure. Ensure to make sure that something is definite and/or it will happen, to guarantee...

200 Most Common Irregular Verbs + Gerunds

Irregular verbs are those that usually don't take the -ed ending for the Past Simple and Past Participle forms. Sometimes, there may be the option to...

Further vs Farther. Commonly Confused English Words with 12 Examples

“Farther relates to definition, further is a definition of degree.” Finding Forrester Is it always so simple to work out when to use these two...