ADJECTIVES CLAUSES with Object and Subject Relative Pronouns!


Adjective clauses contain a relative pronoun (who, whom, that, which, or whose) or a relative adverb (when, where, why), plus subject and verb. For example:

  • Children whose parents are divorced often need counselling.
  • Do you remember the time when we first saw the Northern Lights?

Relative pronouns can define either the subject or the object within the sentence.


  • The man who turned up at the meeting uninvited is the CEO.
    (“who turned up at the meeting uninvited” describes the subject)
  • Children who learn how to read at an early age tend do well at school.
    (“who learn how to read at an early age” describes the subject)
  • The police officer whose dog was injured was devastated.
    (“whose dog was injured” describes the subject)


  • The man who we met is a famous film star.
    (“who we met” describes the object)
  • The cat that I adopted was found in a rubbish bag.
    (“that I adopted” describes the object)
  • The film that we saw was fantastic.
    (“that we saw” describes the object)

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