ALWAYS used in Present Continuous


Can we use the adverb ‘always’ in
Present Continuous tense like ‘I am
always missing you’.
and if I use always in Present Continuous tense, what does ‘always’ mean?

I’m sure you have learnt how to use Present Simple with adverbs of frequency: never, hardly ever, rarely, seldom, sometimes, often, usually, always. These are things that happen regularly:

  • I never go to bed before midnight.
  • She always calls me when she gets home.

However, you can also use Present Continuous to talk about habits:

  • He’s always calling me in the middle of the night.
  • My daughter is constantly nagging me to buy her new clothes.

What makes the above sentences different is that they express annoyance. We use Present Continuous to describe habits that we find irritating or annoying.

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