Ape Shit Meaning 💩 & Examples & Related Phrasal Verbs


Have you ever been to the zoo and seen a monkey display with the monkeys or apes in a clear cage? 

There is always that one kid or person who is making faces and tapping and banging on the class to try and get the attention or reaction from the monkeys and apes. 

When apes or monies get angry, upset, worried they will throw their feces everywhere and usually at the object, thing or person that seems to be the cause. 

The term “ape shit” was born from the term “to go ape” and appeared in American literature in about the 1950’s. And originate from the US military where men who spent a lot of time in their barracks would get restless and go stir crazy. 

Later the term, go ape and then later go ape shit (or if you wish Hominoidea bio fecal matter) was developed which is more slang and stronger term.

Ape shit Meaning:

Obviously, this is a slang phrase and can be considered a little rude.  The idiomatic phrase is used to describe someone or something that becomes uncontrollably upset and angry.

Example of Ape shit.

Example 1: Mr. George is going to go ape shit when he finds out we lost the project.

Example 2: My mom went ape shit over my poor grades, now I am having to do summer school.


Chan: Hey Joe, how was the party last night.

Joe:   It was good, except my girlfriend and I broke up.

Chan: Really? What happened?

Joe:  Well ex-girlfriend was thee with her friends and I was talking with them and she went ape shit on me.

Chan: What did you do that caused her to go ape shit?

Joe That’s the thing, nothing!  I mean she was talking to other guys and I didn’t go ape shit on her, I didn’t care. I trusted her.

Chan:  Well, sorry to hear that.

Other words you can create:

noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)

Blow a gasket, blow one’s mind, blow one’s stack, go berserk, come unglued, fume, rant, rage, pop one’s cork.


He is going to go …

She just went ….

I wouldn’t do that or else he will ….

Related phrasal verbs: 

Carry on – when we use this phrase in the context of go ape, we are saying that some continues to talk about something usually in an angry state.

  • My boss went ape and kept carrying on and on about how irresponsible her secretary was.

Lose one’s temper – when someone loses one’s temper, we are saying that they lose control of their emotions and become uncontrollably angry.

  • My dad lost his temper when the postman went ape on my dad because our dog was barking at him.

Go crazy – The coach went crazy on us last week, if we lose again tonight he is going to go ape shit!

Freak someone out – in the context of go ape, it to become or cause someone to become emotional and angry.

  • If you tell him your pregnant you will freak him out and he will probably go ape shit on us!

Breakdown – in the context of go ape, it is when someone becomes so upset that they have mental problems as a result.

  • I am going to have a breakdown if my boss goes ape shit on me again about losing another account.

Go mad – refers to becoming extraordinarily upset, usually angry and emotional.

  • My friend went mad when he found out he didn’t get the job, if he finds out I got it instead he will go ape shit crazy on me. 

Related idioms:

Go ballistic – when someone goes into a fit of rage, or go ape, they fly into a fit of rage.

Hit the ceiling- in the context of go ape, this means someone explodes in anger.

Blow one’s top – when someone blows their top, it means they become so angry and upset that they lose their temper.

Go postal – this is a term, when used the context of go ape, means to become so angry that you have not control of your anger and become violent.

Fly off the Handle – when someone suddenly becomes angry and explosive with anger.

Go berserk – describes someone behaving in an uncontrolled manner and usually violent. 

Wig out – when someone wigs out, in the context of go ape we are describing someone who is completely wild with emotion and anger.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

Go ape

Go bananas

Ape-shit crazy

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