Other Ways to Say BAD NEWS!


Who hasn’t gotten bad news before?

But almost as disappointing as getting bad news is someone telling you that they have bad news beforehand!

Here are some other ways to tell someone you have bad news in different situations.

  • We are in deep trouble.
  • We are in a bind.
  • We have gotten ourselves into hot water.
  • I am in dire straits now.
  • I have some disappointing news for you.
  • We have a predicament/problem.
  • Now we’re in a mess.
  • What a nuisance!
  • I have a problem…
  • There is something concerning we need to discuss.
  • We have a dilemma on our hands now.
  • What a headache!
  • I have some distressing news.
  • We are in a spot of bother.
  • We have a real struggle ahead.
  • Sorry to torment you, but…
  • Sorry to be the bearer of some unfortunate news.

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Another way to use the words bad news is like a label or expression for someone or something. For example, if you know of a person who is always getting into trouble at work or with the authorities, you could say:

  • That person is bad news.
  • That company is bad news. (Like a person the company has a bad reputation.)
  • I’ve heard those cars are bad news. (A type of car that has many problems.)

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The next time you have bad news why not try to use one of these other phrases or expressions and increase your vocabulary, it may also help the person who gets the bad news to receive it better.

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If you can think of a better way to tell someone you have bad news let us know below! Remember to look through our other articles for more great tips.

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