Betrayed Meaning. What is betrayed?


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Betrayed Meaning

Have you been betrayed by someone who you trust? Betrayal is probably one of the most painful loss one can experience. You cannot be betrayed by someone if you did not trust them. So, when you are betrayed, you also lost that person that you trusted.

This is devastating because it’s nearly impossible to trust the betrayer again. You are terribly hurt when you are betrayed because it changed your world or the way you looked at things. For example, you married someone, and you thought that you both liked extreme sports.

After the wedding, she confessed that she didn’t like it but she just acted like she did because she knew it was a big deal for you. After hearing her confession, you felt betrayed because your expectation was that you and your wife would do extreme sports together, but now it has changed.

Example of Betrayed:

  • She had to file for a divorce because she said she had been betrayed so many times and she could not take it anymore.
  • They lost the game because one of their teammates betrayed them.

Betrayed Translation

French translation: Trahie

Spanish translation: Traicionada

What exactly is betrayal blindness?

Betrayal blindness is when people are unaware of, don’t know about, or forget about betrayal.

An explanation for institutional betrayal

Institutional betrayal term is used when something bad is done by an institution to people who depend on that institution.

Forms and types of betrayal.

Hurtful sharing of private information, lack of loyalty, cheating, and lying are the most common forms of betrayal.

Dialog about Betrayal

Ryan: Do you know who I ran into the mall yesterday?

Leo: Kim Kardashian?

Ryan: Haha, no. It was my ex-girlfriend. She had a two-year old boy. I thought it was her nephew, but the boy called her mom.

Leo: Well, some nephews call their aunts mom, especially when their aunts are taking care of them.

Ryan: I doubt it so much. She lied to me many times before. I think it was really her son. So, she cheated on mewhen we were in a relationship. I feel betrayed.

Leo: Don’t jump to conclusion very quickly.

Ryan: Yeah, you’re right. I should not be so affected by her. She is no longer my girlfriend. It’s just that, it still feels like a stab in the back. I trusted her so much. Then, I was told that she was falling in love with someone else. It was devastating.

Leo: I think you should talk to her. If you are still hurt, then you must still have feelings for her. Maybe this time, try to listen to her more.

Ryan: Why do I need to talk to her?

Leo: I promised to keep this a secret, but I think I should let you know. The boy you saw yesterday is your son.

Ryan: What? And how long have you been keeping this from me?

Leo: I knew it a year ago. My wife told me. You know your ex and my wife are best friends.

Ryan: Wow. I feel betrayed not only by my ex but also by my friends. I can’t accept this.

Leo: Your ex thought you didn’t love her anymore, and she was worried that you would only get back to her because of the baby. She is planning to tell you about your son soon.

Ryan: I should go and talk to her.

Other words you can create from betrayed:

Betrayal: This is a noun that refers to the act of betraying someone, a group, or one’s country.

Betrayer: A person who betrays another person, a group or their own country.

Selfbetrayal: The act of betraying oneself by serving the false self.

Betray: This is a verb which means to expose one’s country, a group, or a person to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy. 


Ultimately betrayed

Completely betrayed

Related phrasal verbs:

Tell on: to tell or give information about someone’s bad behavior or secrets.

  • If you don’t listen to me, I’m going to tell on you.

Let down: to disappoint someone.

  • I am going to finish my degree because I don’t want to let my mother down.

Cheat on something: not obeying the rules on something.

  • Lisa cheated on her final exam.

Cheat on someone: to secretly have sex with someone other than your spouse or partner.

  • She cheated on her husband twice.

Rat on: to give away secret information about someone to a person in a position of authority.

  • Please don’t rat on me because I don’t want to be in trouble.

Blurt out: to say something unintentionally, especially secret or confidential information.

  • I can’t believe you blurted out our secret plans.

Turn in: to submit or refer someone or something to someone or a group, especially in some official capacity.

  • Nestor turned in his friend who is the suspect of the theft that happened yesterday.

Lead on: to deceive someone, especially by making them believe something is true and getting them to do things according to this belief.

  • He said it was not his fault because she led him on.

Rip off: an act of cheating someone by getting them to pay for overpriced products or services.

  • I thought I got a good deal when I bought my house, but I just realized that I was ripped off.

Related idioms: 

Give over to the foe: to betray someone.

  • I trusted my friend, so I never thought that he would give me over to the foe. 

A stab in the back: refers to a betrayal or an act of treachery.

  • It felt like a stab in the back when I knew that my girlfriend was pregnant with somebody else’s child.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

  • Cheated
  • Deceived
  • Abandoned
  • Deluded
  • Bilked
  • Defrauded
  • Fooled
  • Bamboozled
  • Falsified
  • Swindled
  • Violated a confidence
  • Bared
  • Exposed
  • Displayed
  • Divulged
  • Uncovered
  • Disclose the secrets of
  • Made known
  • Entrapped

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