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between vs among

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The meaning of these two prepositions, between and among, is similar, still the two words are not interchangeable.

Among means surrounded by somebody/something in the middle of somebody/something, or included or happening in groups of things or people:

  • We saw a house among the trees.
  • They were walking among the crowds.
  • I found the letter among a lot of old documents.
  • Don’t worry, you’re among friends now.
  • The boss was among the last to leave.

Amongst is used more in the Uk and Australia. Amongst is mostly used in a dramatic, poetic context.

Between usually means (being) in or (getting, etc.) into the space separating two or more points, objects, places, people, etc.

Or in the period of time that separates two days, years, events, etc. or it shows a connection or relationship between two things.

Or it can be used to show that several people or groups or actions are involved:

  • There is a restaurant between the station and the post office.
  • Peter was sitting between Joe and Mary.
  • My glasses fell down between the desk and the wall.
  • Mary’s job is somewhere between a secretary and a personal assistant.
  • He flies between London and Paris twice a month.
  • Between working in the office and driving a taxi in the evenings, he didn’t have much time for hobbies.

In general, when two things are concerned, between is used.

When there are more than two things, we use between if something/somebody is between clearly separate or separable things or people, and among is preferred when something/somebody is in a group or mass of things or people which we do not see separately:

  • Switzerland lies between Austria, Italy and France.
  • Britain has certain domination among the European countries.
  • My aunt’s house is between the forest, the river and the village.
  • Her house is hidden among the trees.

Hope this help you to understand the difference between between vs among. Please share your questions with us, and we will answer them!


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