Burnt to a Crisp [Idiom] 🔥 Meaning, Examples, Synonyms


What if your friend said to you that they were on a holiday and the came back burnt as a crisp?

Or if you heard someone say that the food they ordered was burnt to a crisp? This is one of those phrasal verbs were the literal meaning is close to idiomatic meaning.

Burnt to a Crisp Meaning:

There are two meanings for this idiom. One is related to people and other is related to food.

  1. People – Usually, burnt to a crisp, is used to describe someone who has been in the sun too long.
  2. Food, object or place. – the idiom, burnt to a crisp, is often used to refer to food being overcooked.  It can also be used to refer to objects or building.

Examples of Burnt to a Crisp

Example 1:  Excuse me waiter, my food is burnt to a crisp! I would like a new steak.

Example 2: I was at the beach this morning and fell asleep on a towel. I am burnt to a crisp and in a lot of pain.

Dialog 1:

Mary: Hey Paul, you look awfully red!

Paul:  Yeah, I am in a lot of pain. I was at the beach playing volleyball and forgot to put on sun block.

Mary: Yeah, you look like you burned to a crisp.

Paul:  Speaking of burned to a crisp, don’t ever go to Fridays Restaurant.

Mary: Really? We were going to go there tomorrow night.

Paul: Well we were there last night and we both got our food and it was burnt to a crisp.

Mary:  Ok, well thanks for the heads up!

Other words you can create:
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)

burn to a crisp
(third-person singular simple present burns to a crisp,
present participle burning to a crisp,
simple past and past participle burnt to a crisp or burned to a crisp)


  • I was burnt to a crisp because I sat in the sun too long.
  • The cook burnt our pizza to a crisp.

Related Phrases and Phrasal Verbs

Burn up
in the context of burnt to a crisp we would use this phrase to refer to someone

  • I went sailing today and got burned to a crisp and my skin is now burning up!

Burn something up
this is a phrase that is often used with something, commonly food.

  • My husband doesn’t know how to cook last night he burned my steak up and my potato was burned to a crisp.

Set ablaze
in the context of burn to a crisp, we would use this often to refer to something was set on fire.

  • The forest fire set ablaze the neighborhood and many houses were burnt to a crisp.

Flare up
this is a phrase we would use to indicate a burning sensation usually do to inflammation.

  • I burned my hand to a crisp today cooking, and my skin is still flared up.

Heat up
when we heat something or someone up we are increasing the temperature.

  • I asked the waiter to have my hamburger heated up again as it was cold and brought it back about 20 minutes later burnt to a crisp.  I don’t think he was happy I sent my food back!

Set fire
to ignite something or start something on fire, usually purposefully.

  • The arsonist set fire to the house and everything was burnt to a crisp.

Well Cooked
this phrase could be used in two contexts, one would be idiomatic.  In this context (not idiomatic) it refers to food being cooked completely and thoroughly.

  • I like my meat well cooked, almost burnt to a crisp.

Well done
this phrase is also used to refer to food being cooked completely.

  • I like my steak rare but my wife likes her steak well done almost burnt to a crisp.

Burnt to a Crisp Related Idioms

in the sense of being an idiomatic phrase we would say someone has had too much sun or it could refer to someone being very stoned on drugs.

  • Man you look over cooked from the sun, you are burnt to a crisp.

Reduce to ashes
this is a phrase we would use to describe something being completely burned.

Burnt to a cinder
this would be the nearest synonym for burnt to a crisp.

Well cooked
in the sense of being idiomatic and in the context of burnt to a crisp, this would refer to a person.

  • I was surfing to day and was well cooked, my back got burnt to a crisp.

Well done
as an idiomatic phrase we would use this to again describe someone who has gotten too much sun.

  • She was playing beach volley ball today and got burnt to a crisp, I mean she was well done! 

Synonyms for Burnt to a Crisp (other ways to say)

  • Burnt to a cinder
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