Can you live in a Hotel?


Yes, you can live in a hotel.

As long as you book the rooms when they are still available, there is typically no rule stating how long you can or can’t stay in a hotel.

The problem with doing that is that hotels are much more expensive than other types of accommodation. They are able to charge that much because the majority of people stay in the hotel less one week at a time.

To pay by the day, you end up paying a small fortunate more. Even if you were to get an apartment with similar amenities (such as a complex with a gym, a business center, security, a concierge, a maid, and all the other benefits a hotel provides), you would pay less than what a hotel would cost.

This is because you are buying something in bulk, essentially, even if it is just weeks at a time. Most landlords are willing to charge you less because they know you will be somewhere for longer, and they do not have to constantly look for new people to fill their rooms.


This is the concept behind weekly and monthly discounts on a site like AirBnb. If you book rooms for an entire week or month, you will be able to get a discount that the landlord or host decides. If you are not concerned with price, however, of course you could always stay in a hotel.

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