8 Most Common Collocations with Run


Hello, English learners! This article will discuss collocations with the word run. However, let’s begin with the noun.


The action of walking very fast.

To run, however, is more than just the name of a sport or exercise activity. When used with various collocations, the word run can take on many new meanings. Here are some of them.

1. Run for fun

This phrase became popular when running events were arranged to raise money for charity.

  • Join us and run for fun!

2. Fun run

These popular running events soon became known as fun runs.

  • Next weekend I am going to participate in the Fun Run, what about you?

3. Run out of time

We use this collocation to describe when a definite amount of time has finished or is about to finish.

  • I am sorry, but you have run out of time to answer the question.
  • If you don’t hurry, you will run out of time.

4. Run down

A collocation to describe our health after having been sick for a long time.

  • He was so run down after his sickness.

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5. Run through

Run through has a nasty meaning, as it refers to when a person or animal has had a knife or other sharp item stabbed from one side of their body to the other.

  • The man was run through with his own sword by the soldier he was fighting.

6. Run past / Run by

This collocation is used to explain when a person needs to pick up something or visit a place briefly and has very little time.

  • I will run past/by the shops and pick up some milk for you.
  • Can you run past/by the post office and get the mail on your way home? 

7. Run out

Often used to explain that an item or product is no longer available.

A: I am looking for the milk?

B: Sorry but we have run out.


7. I’ve got to run

An expression used to say you need to go out.

  • Sorry, I am late for a meeting, so I’ve got to run.

8. Run over

This collocation describes the action of a car, bus, truck or other machine driving over something or someone.

  • Be careful! You are so close to the sidewalk you might run over someone.

As you can see, run, is not just a noun for a type of exercise. Used with various collocations, run, can be a handy word.

Do you know of other collocations with the word run? If so, tell us with a comment. Our website is full of other great articles and tips. Why not check them out?

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