11 Most Common Collocations with Strong



Means that something is able to take on, or withstand a lot of pressure. It’s also the ability to lift or carry heavy objects.

  • The city is very windy, so we have to make sure the building is strong enough to withstand heavy winds.
  • He was so strong that he could lift the table by himself.

There are many collocations associated with strong, here are some of the most popular.

1. Very Strong

Simply refers to something that is really really strong or stronger than average. This can be used with any definition of strong.

It can mean that someone or something is able to carry something heavy, or it can mean that something or someone is able to withstand more pressure than average.

  • You must be very strong, if you’re able to carry that.
  • She has been through so much, she’s emotionally very strong.
  • The levees have to be very strong in order to hold up under the pressure of the water.

2. Strong Enough

Means that someone or something has the strength to be able to do something. It means they are capable because they have enough strength.

  • He’s still not strong enough to be on the men’s football team.
  • The house was strong enough to continue standing even though the hurricane.

3. Strong Sense or Strong Feeling

Refers to having a deep feeling that something is true or correct. It’s kind of like intuition, when you know something is true, although a strong sense can also be based on facts.

  • I have a strong sense that we will always be friends.
  • After the presentation I had a strong feeling that we would get the job.

4. Strong Opposition 

Means that there is a large amount of people who do not want something to happen. This is often used when speaking about politics or a law or regulation that will affect a local area. It just means a lot of people really don’t want something to happen.

  • Because the country is so divided, there will always be a strong opposition.
  • There was a strong opposition by animal rights activist.

5. Strong Support

Is the opposite of strong opposition. This means that a lot of people want something to happen. It is also often used when referring to politics or something that will affect a local community.

  • There was strong support for supporting local mom and pop restaurants.
  • He did not receive strong support from locals, therefore he ended his candidacy.

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6. Strong Tendency

Refers to something being likely or a powerful inclination toward a characteristic or behavior.

  • I have a strong tendency to immediately like people who are from my hometown.
  • There is a strong tendency to be jealous of people who are more successful than you.

7. Strong Emphasis

Means that something is given special importance. It means that something is a point of focus, or is being given special attention.

  • A strong emphasis has been put on cleaning up the harbour.
  • Reaching out to a new customer base is strongly emphasized in this year’s objectives.

8. Make a Strong

Simply refers to creating something that can withstand pressure or weight. This can be used in many different ways. It can be used to refer to something physical, like a structure, or it can be used to describe a feeling or something else intangible.

  • I want to make a strong impression on the new boss
  • We need to make a strong foundation.
  • He would make a strong candidate for president of the board.

9. Have Strong

Means to  possess something that is powerful or intense.

  • She has a strong passion for the game.
  • He has a strong chance at getting the promotion.
  • We have a strong chance of finishing ahead of our deadline.

10. Strong Position

eans that someone or something has a powerful or likely chance of making something positive happen because of the place or situation that they are in.

  • The addition puts us in a strong position to win.
  • After the testimony the defendant was no longer in a strong position to stay out of jail.

11. So Strong

Means someone or something is very powerful.

  • I didn’t know her feelings were so strong.
  • Wow, he is so strong, he lifted that by himself.
  • Your feelings about the matter seem so strong.

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