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Concede has two definitions. The first definition is to admit that something is true, after first denying it and saying that it was false or resisting it.

For example if a mother asked her child did you eat the cookies, and the child says no. The mom keeps asking, and  the child keeps saying that they weren’t the one who ate the cookies.

Mom asks one more time, and finally the child confesses and says, “yes I ate the cookies”. In this example the child finally conceded that they were the one to eat the cookies. This can be used anytime someone first says they didn’t do something, but then later tells the truth and says they did, they are conceding.

Another example would be if a boss asks a group of employees who deleted a file, and no one is willing to say that they did it.

Over time after no one admitting that they are the one who caused the problem, one employee comes forward and says, “it was me, I’m the one that deleted the file”. In this case this employees has conceded that they did it.

  • After months of denying the allegations, the politician finally conceded.
  • I concede, I’m the one that put the dent in the car.
  • I know you did it, I’m just waiting to see if you’ll do the honorable thing and finally concede and admit it.

Synonyms  and Antonyms for Concede

Here are some synonyms for this definition of concede.

Admit- has multiple meanings, however as a synonym to concede it means to confess that something can be true. Usually when someone admits something they are doing it as a reluctant admission.

  • I admitted that I was late because I slept in.

Confess- as a synonym to concede means to declare or admit that someone was wrong about something, or is somehow at fault.

  • I think it’s important that he finally confessed to what he did.

Accept- means to consent or receive something,or  say yes to something, or give approval for something.

  • After listening to you I accept your version of the situation.

Here is the most common antonym for this usage of concede.

Deny- means that someone refuses to admit something that they may or may not have done. It can also mean that someone refuses to give something to someone.

  • The man adamantly denied the charges that were levied against him.

Concede can also mean to surrender or give something that a person or organization possesses. The possession can be an object that someone physically has, or it can be an idea or concept that someone possesses.

For example, if two kids are fighting over a toy, and after a significant period of time is spent fighting over the toy, one child stops fighting and just let’s the other kid have the toy. In this instance this child has conceded the toy.

Another example would be if two people are in a business meeting and they have differing viewpoints on how the company should handle a situation.

The first person gives their opinion, and then the second person gives their thoughts. They go back and forth trying to explain why their idea is better. Finally the first person says, “you’re right, I think we should go with your idea”. At this time the person would have conceded the argument, or conceded the point.

  • After a long debate Jim conceded the argument to Anne.
  • The judge ordered the man to concede half of the money that he had earned to his soon to be ex-wife.
  • The losing political candidate called their opponent to concede the race.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Concede

Here are some popular synonyms for this definition of concede.

Surrender- means to stop resisting, give up or abandon something or someone. This  can refer to something physical or an idea. Surrender just means to stop fighting or to let the other side win.

  • The criminals surrendered to the cops, once they realized there was no way out.

Cede –means to give up power or territory.

  • Over time the monarchy has ceded power to the government of the people.

Relinquish- means to voluntarily give up control or power.

  • As a part of the deal, they have agreed to relinquish control of part of their territory.

Here is the most common antonym for this usage of the word concede.

Retain- has many meanings, as an antonym to concede it means to keep something.

  • The man is retaining his innocence.
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