Cover Up Definition. What is Cover Up?


Cover Up Definition

If you heard someone say I think he is covering it up, what would you think?

1. Meaning of Cover up:

When we do or say something to prevent or stop truthful information, particularly bad or embarrassing information, to become know we are said to be covering it up.

  • The congressman covered up and investigation into his many affairs and the benefits and gifts they received from him.
  • The government is said to be covering up information which may prove the existence of aliens.


Jack: Hey did you hear that they are investigating the company for money laundering?

Dan: Really? Interesting I am not surprised, though. I mean they have been covering up the finance reports for the last few years.

Jack: Yeah, and just last week I ask the CFO about some strange numbers and he went into a long story about why they are like that.  It was obvious he was covering something up.

Dan: Yeah, 2 years ago they covered up a huge loss by underreporting some numbers.

Jack: The truth always comes you, you cannot always keep covering things up, time has a funny way of making people honest.           

Synonyms (other ways to say):





They got caught covering up….

It is believed he is covering up….

Related Phrases & Phrasal Verbs:

Keep secret- when we keep something a secret, in the context of cover up we are hiding information that may or may not be truthful.

  • Many bodyguards need to sign confidentiality documents. Many say this allows their employers to keep a secret their nefarious affairs.

Hush up- we use this phrase to describe someone who keeps silent or keeps other silent about information.

  • We need to hush up the staff and cover up that the company had fired the CEO.

Keep silent about- when we keep silent about something or someone we are withholding information or staying quiet about the information.

Keep in the dark – we use this phrase in the context of cover up, to say that something is or someone is being kept hidden or a secret. 

Related idioms:

Whitewash- when you hide something that is wrong or illegal.

Sweep under the carpet- when you we say someone has swept something under the carpet, they have hidden that they don’t want known to anyone.

Draw a veil over- we use this phrase to say someone is staying quiet about something because it is unpleasant and you don’t want to think about.

Cover your tracks- we use this to say that someone is hiding or concealing evidence and/or information

Keep under your hat- when someone preserves a secret they are keeping it under their hat.

Turn a blind eye (to something)- when someone overlooks a mistake or something someone has done wrong or illegal, we say they are turning a blind eye.

Look the other way- similarly to turning a blind eye, when someone looks the other way they are purposefully ignoring something being done illegally.

Kick something along the grass- this phrase is used to say that someone is pushing information aside, hiding it and hoping it won’t be found or revealed.

2. Meaning of Cover up:

Another meaning for cover up, is when you want to cover someone or something you physically cover them with something in order to make them comfortable and or protect them or it.

  • You’d better cover up before you go to church, that dress will surely make the pastor scold you.
  • It is supposed to be -35 and a wind chill, make sure you cover up well before you go outside.


Justin: Hey I am not sure I want to go out in the cold for lunch.

Donald: Come on! Just cover up warm and we will run across the street for a nice hot burger.

Justin: Ok. I guess I will cover up with a scarf, jacket, mitts and a toque.

Donald: Yep! It is supposed to get colder tonight.

Justin: Really. I suppose I better cover up my car battery with an insulation blanket.

Donald: Yeah, I am going to also cover up my dog when I take her out for a walk tonight.

Justin: Good idea, it doesn’t hurt to cover up, you can always take it off if it is not needed.        


Other words you can create: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)

Covered up

Covering up


Make sure you cover up when you go out.

You’d better cover the car up before rains.

Related Phrases &Phrasal Verbs:

Put on- in the context of cover up, we would use this phrasal verb to say or tell someone to physically start to wear something.

  • Make sure you put on some gloves and cover up your head with a hat.

Get dressed- if someone told you to get dressed they are saying for you to physically put on clothing.

  • You need to get dressed and make sure you cover up your face.

Slip into- to quickly put on some clothing.

  • Let me slip into something more comfortable.

Wrap up- similar to cover up, but often means to add more clothing and make it tight and heavy.

Related idioms:

Bundle up- this phrase is used to say to someone or tell someone to put on enough clothing to stay warm.

Suit up- is a phrase we use to say to put on necessary clothing

Throw on- We use this to say or tell someone to quickly put on some clothing.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

coverable (adjective),

coverer (noun)

,coverless (adjective),

half-covered (adjective)

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