Cut through the spin

My name is Hala Homsi. I am a lebanese journalist, at An-Nanhar newspaper – Lebanon. I am writing an article about fake news, through BBC Reality Check Service. and I read this idiom: Cut through the spin, on its twitter account. Could you please explain the meaning of this idiom, because I couldn’t find the meaning online?

To cut through the spin means to not be influenced by propaganda or to not to believe propaganda messages.

Spin’ is a type of propaganda often used in politics and public relations to convince the public to believe in a public figure or to sway the public opinion against an organization, for example.


This propaganda is achieved by giving a biased explanation of a current issue such as presidential campaigns or the Olympics. For instance, let’s say a new factory will open in your city next month, most people are happy about this development as it will bring new jobs to the city but others are concerned about the air and noise pollution that the factory will produce.


One newspaper that is in favor of the factory may only discuss the benefits of the factory and not address the issue of pollution. Whereas, another newspaper that is concerned about the environment may put emphasis on the damage the factory could have on the environment and ignore the benefits.


In order to cut through the spin, the audience needs to be critical thinkers and educate themselves fully on the issue. That means that we should read various newspapers, listen to different radio stations or watch new channels with contrasting perspectives in order to broaden our own knowledge and outlook.

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