Dashing Definition


Dashing Definition

Looking at the word “dash” it can be a verb, noun and in British English can be used as a exclamation, although the expression is dated and informal.

As a verb, the word dash can mean to go or travel somewhere in a hurry and it can also mean to strike or hit something hard in a somewhat violent manner.

As a noun, dash could be used to describe an act or instance of someone running somewhere suddenly and unexpectedly and also mean a small quantity of something. In most cases when we add “ing” to word the meaning of the word doesn’t change.

Ing is a suffix which means “action or process”, and normally, when we add /ing/ to a base form of verb (e.g. sit-sitting, sleep-sleeping, etc.), we refer to an ongoing action. However, the word dashing is an exception to this rule. Dashing does not mean an action or process, it is an adjective and its root word is not “dash” as dash has a different meaning.

Meaning of Dashing:

The word dashing is an adjective. It is normally used to refer to a man, similarly to the word “handsome.” When we use this word, we are describing a man in most cases as attractive in a romantic manner. It describes a man who might be stylish and fashionable and a spirited and refined personality. James Bond is the epitome of dashing. 

  • My goodness, John has grown into a dashing young man.
  • I have always found men in uniform to be so dashing and handsome.


Marsha: Penny, it is so good to see you! It must be more than 20 years?!

Penny: Marsha?! Ohh my goodness? So, great to see you! How have you been?

Marsha: I am great. I am married and have two boys.

Penny: My too! But we only have one boy and expecting a girl.

Marsha: Here’s a picture of us.

Penny: Ohh, wow very dashing husband! You did well! Your boys are just as dashing as your husband.  Here is a picture of my husband and our son Pierre.

Marsha: Well, you also found yourself a dashing and handsome man. Your son takes after his father and has a dash of his smile, also very dashing young man.

Penny: Well I better dash, here’s my number. Please call me soon!           

Related Phrases &Phrasal Verbs:

Well-bred- this phrase when used in the context of dashing, describes someone who has or demonstrates good manners and well brought up.

  • He is such some dashing young man his parents brought up a well-bred boy.

Turned out- in the context of dashing, we would use this phrase to indicate as good result.

  • He turned out to be dashing young man.

Well-groomed-  when we use well-groomed in the context of dashing it is to say the man takes care of his appearance and he looks good.

  • It is so nice to see such well-groomed boys it really makes them look dashing!

High-class- we use this term, in the context of dashing, to say that someone is of a higher social class.

  • Many people think that to be dashing you need to come from high class family, that is not true in Fred’s case.

Well-dressed- when someone is wearing clothing that makes them look good, and usually higher quality clothing.

  • I must say that when he is well-dressed he really looks dashing!

Well-mannered- someone who is well mannered shows proper etiquette in social occasions.

  • What makes him so dashing is his well-mannered behavior.

Well-spoken- someone who is well spoken is able to converse in social situations with appropriate and/or formal language.

  • A well-spoken gentleman is the key to becoming dashing. 

Related idioms:

Up -and-coming- this term is used to describe someone with potential to advance in their life.

Dressed to the nines- this term is used to describe someone who is very well dressed.

Swashbuckling- in the context of dashing, this is a term that is used to describe someone who is confident, yet respectful,  in their romantic adventures.

Easy on the eyes- is a phrase that is used to describe someone that is good looking and easy to look at because of their attractive appearance.

Cleans up well- this phrase is used to describe someone who changes their appearance from less attractive to being very attractive through becoming well-groomed and well-dressed.

Synonyms (other ways to say):


Good Looking

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