Definition of Bae


If you walk around young people, it’s sometimes like they speak their own language because of the slang they use. One of these slang words you have heard might be bae. So, what does bae mean? Are other people trying to make fun of you?

Bae, pronounced like bay = a person, thing, event, feeling, etc. that is precious to the speaker

Strictly speaking, bae is an abbreviation. Depending on the context of your usage of the word, it can mean before anyone else (if you are referring to a person bae) or before anything else (if you are referring to a thing bae). The thing that you talk about is the thing that comes before whatever else!

The usage of this term is tricky, because it doesn’t translate directly to a single word. However, it is often used like the term baby or sweetie, especially to refer to a significant other, when discussing a person. When it refers to a non-human, it is close to the usage of my favorite.


  • Pizza is bae! I can’t imagine my life without it.

In this example, pizza is not a human. The first sentence means something close to pizza is my favorite food.

  • I didn’t want you to find out that I was dating someone from social media by writing. This is bae in a caption, so I decided to tell you in person.

You may commonly see This is bae as a caption to a photo of a person, which means that this person is the photographer’s significant other. If the photo is of an object, the usage of bae is similar to the example above.

  • Kelly wanted Liam to be her bae but he had his eye on someone else.

Note: because bae is made up of the first letters of the words in a phrase, it is sometimes written in all capital letters, but never with periods between the letters.

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