Difference between MAKE SURE and BE SURE to do something


Use the expression BE SURE TO DO SOMETHING when you would like to remind someone to do something, or when saying that you will not forget to do something. For example:

  • Be sure to call your mum today. It’s her birthday.
  • I’ll be sure to call her.
  • Be sure to lock the door before you leave.
  • I’ll be sure to lock the door.

MAKE SURE is used when you check something so that you can be sure:

  • I think I’ve locked the door, but I’ll go and make sure.
  • I looked around to make sure I was alone.
  • I’ll call Rita to make sure she got home safe.

MAKE SURE is also used when you take action so that something is done:

  • Make sure you reboot your computer after you’ve installed this program.
  • I always make sure all my students understand the target language before I move on to the next topic.
  • Now that you finally got a job, make sure you don’t lose it.

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Difference between Since & For - MyEnglishTeacher.eu

Difference between Since & For ...
Difference between Since & For - MyEnglishTeacher.eu
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