Ensure vs Insure ››› Short Explanation with Simple Examples


Let me show you quickly what’s the difference between ensure vs insure.


to make sure that something is definite and/or it will happen, to guarantee the occurrence of an event or condition.

  • His latest book ensured his success as a novel writer.
  • The airport management took steps to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  • To ensure my family’s safety, I have installed an alarm system.


can be used both with direct and indirect objects.

  • Victory against their rivals ensured them a place in the cup final.

It can also be used with an object clause:

  • Please ensure (that) all lights are switched off.


to take precaution to deal with a certain event that may occur in the future, to buy insurance so that you will receive money if your property, car, etc. gets damaged or stolen, or if you get ill/sick or die.

  • They insured their house with additional fire and flood policies.
  • You must insure your car as required by law.
  • As the lorry wasn’t insured, the owner had to cover the total cost of damage that he caused.
  • The company can refuse to insure a property that does not have window locks.

The prepositions for and against can be used with insure:

  • Grandfather’s stamp collection is insured for twenty thousand pounds.
  • I think you’d better insure your luggage against theft before you set out on the journey.
  • He was lucky that he had insured himself against long-term illness not long before the accident.
  • Having children is a way of insuring yourself against loneliness in old age.

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