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When do we use to/too/two? I’m confused.

difference between to too and two

‘Too, two and to’ are pronounced the same, so many people use them incorrectly in writing.
In text messages they often use ‘2’ instead of ‘to’ or ‘too’. For example, ‘talk2u l8r’ means ‘talk to you later’.

TOO = as well

  • I love bananas.
  • I love them TOO.

TOO = more than normal/ more than necessary (before adjectives or adverbs)

  • The music is TOO loud.
  • It’s TOO cold to play outside.

TWO = 2

  • I have two cats.

TO = shows direction

  • I go TO work by car.
  • He ran TO the pool and jumped in.

I hope it helps.


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