10 Websites to Learn and Practice English Grammar


One of the main parts in learning English is grammar. You know that too, right?!

As all the materials (explanations, quizzes, tests and games) are all available on the net, all I had to do was to collect the best sources for you.


So, here are the 9 Websites to learn and practice English Grammar.

1. EnglishGrammar.org


EnglishGrammar.org – Exercise test and check your grammar online

I consider Jennifer’s blog one of the best English grammar sources. During all these years, she has written lot of materials and put many downloadable lessons on her blog.

It’s a super useful website for both beginners and advanced learners. You’ll find the answer for nearly all the questions you can have about English grammar, like Punctuation, Conjunctions, Business Writing, Adjectives, Verbs, and many others. But if you don’t find it you can always ask in a comment or send a personal message to Jennifer.

2. English Grammar Secrets

If there’s something you didn’t find on EnglishGrammar.org you’ll most possibly find it here. There are more than „just” explanations here. Exercises follow every topic. I think it’s a great idea when at once you can put into practice what you’ve just learnt in theory.

3. UsingEnglish.com

Continuing the topic of practicing English grammar, UsingEnglish offers you lots of printable lessons for you in all topics. More than just practicing, but you can talk to other learners of English and native tutors. If you have a question you can ask them anytime.

4. Learn English by British Council

English Grammar - LearnEnglish - British Council

I just couldn’t leave out British Council’s “Learn English” website. There is a reason that this site is so popular and used all around the world.

You may not find more information about English than anywhere else, but you’ll find yourself in a very good and enthusiastic community. And the moderators are always there to help you.

Here, you can not only learn English grammar, but practice it. All this in a modern form. And of course, new words, games and exercises are waiting to develop your listening comprehension and writing skills.

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5. English Club

If you wish for very many quizzes.

6. Perfect English Grammar

Seonaid’s blog gives more than explanations: also tips for how to start learning grammar.

7. English Grammar Exercise

Nice site with all you need.

8. English Teacher Melanie

Grammar - English Teacher MelanieYou will like Melanie’s web site not only because of the useful information on English learning, but also because of her Facebook page. It’s worth to “like” because you can learn and practice something new every day. More than that, bloggers like us are always there to help you!

9. Grammarly Handbook

Amazing resource to learn English grammar with many many examples.

10. English grammar exercises by Kaplan

Kaplan’s web site is an extra. What they are good at is offering great English courses in an English-speaking countries.

+1. Use Grammar and Spell Checkers to instantly proofread your writing

Of course you don’t have to use all the nine sites to be able to understand English grammar. It’s enough if you pick 2 or 3 that you like most and practice there every day.

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Thank you for sharing this informative content with us. All the courses are very interesting and unique. These E-learning platforms are helpful for beginners and experts as well. I also have a directory site (https://www.top20english.com) you can add it in your articles, it will help to learn English. Top20English.com is a curated directory for the best free videos and websites for learning English with separate directories for phonics, vocabulary, grammar, listening, conversation, online courses, and testing options.


Thank you so much for providing us with these great sites to learn English grammar. You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up.


May I add one more? 🙂 I've recently come across https://lingbase.com and it seems very practical for grammar learning. There are various types of exercises, not only quizzes. And beginners can start with an elementary grammar course to go step by step.

Anastasia Koltai

Sure, thank you! I can't open the site, however.


Hi, thank you so much for listing these useful grammar resources. I have already shared these with my students. You can take a look at my website and share your opinion: https://www.equip-e.com


It is better to watch documentaries you can review easily more than 3000 words in less than 2 hours. For this, review this site which lets you prepare the academic vocabulary before listening.


Justlearn is missing! 🙂


Best and very Important article related grammar learning and practice.

Gontorwon Yealegar

I need daily messages of correct English grammar

Anastasia Koltai

Do you mean you would love someone to proofread your messages and emails?


Thanks for sharing about the learning and practice grammar tips.


Nice but on a grammar site there should be recognition there also exists UK English and in UK English a separate word exists for what you are writing about - practiCe. In UK English the verb is spelled with an S - practise. PractiCe is the noun.


I want to know about the course fees

Anastasia Koltai

Sure, you can see our prices here https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/plans-and-pricing/


please help me in learning

Anastasia Koltai

Of course. You will find all of our articles in vocabulary section here https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/category/vocabulary/


Yes appreciate your information and really it is helpful for students. I would like to add more suggestion online English education for students those are planing to make their carrier in global market.


Wow nice article,keep up posting this type of good post.


The really interesting one is https://learnweek.com. They have quite a novel idea to generate exercises automatically from English novels. So, you have almost unlimited number of exercises to practice.

Anastasia Koltai

Thank you. Nice website!


Such a profitable article.Thank you so much for the above list to learn about English language grammar. You can also visit https://qanda.typicalstudent.org/ to share your thoughts.


hi Anastasia, I much liked the list of platform you shared for grammar learning. I visited almost of your shared link and two of the most liked resources are Learn English by British Council and Grammarly Handbook.

Anastasia Koltai

So glad, so glad. ? Which one is the most powerful for you?


Hi! Anastasia Koltai thank you for your "10 Websites to Learn and Practice English Grammar" listing blog. It is very useful for me to learn and practice English grammar. Mainly that English grammar secrets blog is really awesome. I can find more than topics here. Thanks a lot. Please keep posting.... am looking forward.....


Thanks for the above list to learn more about English language grammar


Thank you for another great post. I have always struggled with spelling. I’ve really enjoyed learning with my son as we use your curriculum. I struggled with it for all my life.
Advanced spelling quiz


I recommend https://www.penpaland.com its a language exchange-based social network website.


Thanks for write this blog. Before these websites, I learned from English Sikho website. English sikho also is the best place to learn English by playing games and fun activity. You can also visit here: https://www.englishsikho.com/


my favorite one is http://www.bitgab.com