Get Wind Definition


Get Wind Definition

Some believe that to gossip and listen to rumors is human nature. It is interesting to note that anthropologists have determined that gossip and rumor have been essential to human survival and some even speculate that gossip was the main reason humans develop language skills.

Since the dawn of time gossip and rumor have helped us learn about information before it can actually physically harm us. Often times getting wind of this information is used a social control mechanism to help us keep each other honest and inline.

Gossip and rumor is our first line of defense before violence in the form of social control. Today knowing information ahead of time allows us to prepare and if it is true, find a way to make sure we have reasons, we can justify and frame our actions in a positive light to avoid social expulsion. To belong is powerful human need. 

Meaning of Get wind:

When we hear a piece of information that someone doesn’t want other people to know, we call this get wind of something.

  • I got windthat Brenda is pregnant and she is not going to keep the baby.
  • The military and the intelligence community get wind of a lot of information that has saved lives.


Brian: Last month I got wind that YEP Company is going to go public. Did you hear anything?

BlakeNope? Who told you that?

Brian: Donny Brump told me.

Blake: Donny, the one from YEP company?

Brian: Yeppers, that’s the one. He said he caught wind of it from one of the executives he overheard talking about it with the CEO.

Blake: Hmmm. I would be careful with information you get wind of from Donny. First of all, he has not been so reliable. Second, that is close to insider trading which is extremely illegal even if someone got wind of it without looking for it intentionally.

Brian: Good point, Blake. I guess you can believe everything you catch wind of!

Blake: Well, I think it is more the source you are getting the wind from.  Sometimes is more flatulence than truth.

Other words you can create: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. (ex: mug – mugger)

Got wind of, getting wind of, caught wind of, catching wind of.


Have wind of something

Catch wind of Something

To hear about

To Learn of

Related Phrasal Verbs:

Turn up- in the context of get wind this phrase refers to something or information that becomes known unexpectedly.

  • During the meeting some new information turned upand I caught wind that there were big changes that will occur in the next few months.

Pick up on- when we use this phrase in the context of get wind we are saying someone has come to understand or notice information that is or was not very noticeable.

  • During the conversation I couldn’t help but pick up on his displeasure after he got windof the naming of the new CEO.

Come across- in the context of get wind, this phrase means to find out information accidently.

  • I came across more information about the merger aftergetting wind of it from the CEO’s secretary.

Overhear- to hear information without meaning to, unintentionally.

  • I was able to over hear my mom saying she caught wind that my grandparents were on their way to our house with a big surprise for my birthday.

Become aware- when we use this phrase in the context of get wind, we are saying that we come to know something or information we didn’t necessarily know before.

  • I got windthere would be a change and after further research I became aware that is was nothing more than gossip!

Have on good authority- when you get information from someone you trust, we say we learned it on good authority.

  • I got wind that you will be leaving our company and have it on good authority you will go to work for our competitor.

Related idioms:

Get wise to- we use this phrase in the context of get wind to say that we have gained knowledge from information we learned or information that was provided to use.

Bring to light- this means to come to know information we didn’t know before or that was hidden.

Synonyms (other ways to say):

Have wind of something

Catch wind of Something

To hear about

To Learn of

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