21 Synonyms for Give: Offer, Award, Donate,…



Means to freely transfer the possession of something to a person, organization or group. What is being transferred (or given) can be an any noun. Something can be physically given or information can be give.

  • I am deciding what to give my sister for her birthday.
  • The witness was forced to give the police information.

There are many other words and phrases  that can be used for give. Here are some.

1. Present with

Means to give something to someone or to an organization. This is a term that is often used when some sort of ceremonial gift or award is given to someone or to an organization.

  • I am being presented with an award from the mayor tonight.

2. Provide with

Means to supply or give something to someone or to an organization. This phrase is often used when speaking about something of value.

  • I will provide you with enough money to get to the airport. 

3. Supply with

Can be used in the same way as provide with. It too means to give something, and it’s usually speaking to something of value.

  • The company always supplies me with a car when I’m on a business trip.

4. Furnish with

Means to give or provide someone with something. While it can be used in the same way as provide with and supply with, it often refers to tangible objects.

  • I’d like to furnish this room with some new chairs.
  • We want to furnish the guest with a five star meal.

5. Let someone have

Means to willingly give someone something. The word “someone” is often replaced with the subject that one is speaking about.

  • Let your sister have the toy.
  • I’m going to let the company have the plans I made.

6. Hand over

Refers to giving or delivering someone something. This phrase is often used when speaking about someone being forced to give something up reluctantly.

  • The court asked him to hand over the documents.

7. Offer

Means to present something. Once that thing is presented someone can either accept or reject it.

  • I would like to offer my help in planning the event.

8. Proffer

Means to present or offer something for someone to take. It is a proposal, the person or group may or may not accept it.

  • The criminal proffered information on the case to the prosecutors, in hopes of getting a reduced sentence.

9. Award

Means to give or order something for someone as payment, compensation, or as a prize.

  • Thank you for working so hard on the project, I would like to award you with a payment of $10,000.
  • I am accepting an award tonight.

10. Grant

Means to bestow something to someone, to transfer by deed, or to admit someone access. It can also mean to admit something and it can also be a large sum of money given to a person or an organization.

In this final definition, grants are often given by a government or a large company to a non profit or humanitarian organization.

  • My grandmother will grant me her piano in her will.
  • I have been granted a large house by my parents.
  • I am granting you access to the facility.
  • He hasn’t gotten much work done, I grant you that.
  • The organization just received a grant to continue their education project.

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11. Bestow

Means to give something. This is usually done as an honor.

  • The title of Lady was bestowed upon her.

12. Accord

Refers to someone being given power, status or recognition.

  • The president of a country is accorded broad powers.

13. Donate

Means to give money or other items of value to a good cause, usually a charity.

  • Every spring I donate clothes to one of my favorite charities.

14. Give

Also means to communicate a message.

There are many other words that can be substituted for this meaning of give.

15. Convey

Means to carry or transport something to a place.

  • The deed was conveyed to the new homeowners on Wednesday.

16. Impart

Means to make information known, to give or bestow information.

  • I love speaking to my grandmother, she always imparts words of wisdom upon me.

17. Transmit

Means to cause something to pass from one place to another. When something is transmitted it is usually physically going from one place to another.

  • The information was transmitted through the telephone wires.

A third definition of give is to cause or allow someone to have something. Here are some other words one can use to say this.

18. Allow

Means to give someone permission to do something.

  • As a child I was not allowed to watch TV after a certain time.

19. Permit

Means to authorize or give permission for someone to do something. The person or organization doing the permitting is usually in a position of authority.

  • I was permitted into the building by a staff member.

Give can also mean produce or yield or get a certain result. Produce and yield can be substituted for this definition of give.

20. Produce

Means to make, create, or cause something to happen.

  • We have enough cows to produce the amount of milk we need.

21. Yield

Can mean the full amount of an agricultural or manufacturing product or it can mean the amount of something made, including money

  • The farm yielded more corn than it had in the past.
  • How much money did we yield today?

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