Good Riddance Meaning. Is it Nice to Say it?


Good Riddance

Good Riddance meaning

Good riddance is used to tell someone that you’re happy when they are leaving. It’s not a nice way to say goodbye to someone and is used when you actually don’t like the person. Good riddance can also be used when things, actions, or situations pass as well.

Good riddance to Bad rubbish

Good riddance is also used as a phrase to indicate that something is over, or someone is gone. An extended version of the phrase is good riddance to bad rubbish. Using this phrase shows even greater disdain for the thing, or person since they are described as bad rubbish.


  • She finally broke up with Josh. Good riddance I say.
  • I can’t believe I’m finally done with this stupid job. Didn’t even say goodbye, just good riddance.
  • The dirtiest fighter in this tournament has finally been eliminated. I’m certain the other contenders will wish him good riddance.

Goodbye and Good riddance meaning

Goodbye is used when you have positive feelings towards a person, and you want to see them again probably. It’s very polite and friendly.

Good riddance is used when you have negative feelings towards a person, and you don’t want to see them ever again. It’s very brash and direct, sometimes even offensive.

Good riddance Green Day meaning

Good riddance Green Day meaning / Good riddance time of your life meaning

“Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” is a song by the punk rock band Green Day. It was released on their fifth studio album “Nimrod” in 1997.

Different Ways to Say BYE BYE!

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