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History Of Mother’s Day

What’s not to love about Mothers Day? We get breakfast in bed, finger painted cards, vases of spring flowers its a day whenever we do not have to feel guilty for putting our legs up.

However, this modern holiday has a surprising twist in its history. Motherhood has for ages been celebrated. The ancient The Greeks and Romans organized parties in honor of their goddesses of motherhood.

Early Christians organized a maternal Sunday each Lent to encourage followers to return to their hometown church for a day.

The modern Mothers Day originally was a work day for womens clubs in West Virginia.

Ann Reeves Jarvis organized these work days, beginning in the 1850s, with the overall goal of lowering infant mortality. Women, under the leadership of Ann’s brother, a physician, spent the day educating other women about sanitation. They taught them how to clean, why to boil water, how to reduce milk contamination, and ways to prevent food spoilage.

Throughout the U.S. Civil War, Mothers Day groups also began tending to wounded soldiers. So the Mothers Day groups served both the North and the South. Following the war, the work days evolved into Mothers Friendship Day picnics. The goal was to promote peace and unity among Union and Confederate loyalists.

mother's day quotesAnn died in 1905. 2 years later, her daughter Anna Jarvis held a funeral service for her mother.

The following year, Anna resurrected Mothers Day this time, as a single day in May and not as a work day, but as an observance. This was perhaps in response to a prayer she overheard her mother say when Anna was younger.

Anna organized Mothers Day events for May 10, 1908, in her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, as well as other cities and states where she’d previously resided. At the subsequent years, she continued to promote Mothers Day annually, and the idea progressively spread out across the country.

When is Mother’s Day?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

In 1914, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson officially declared that the second Sunday of May every year to be Mothers Day.

To her, Mothers Day was supposed to be an intimate affair between kids and their mother. She wanted Mothers Day to be a day in which everyone would honor her or his own mother privately. Through this, she organized boycotts and threatened lawsuits for what she saw to be a corruption of the holiday.

She harshly criticized First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and others for fundraising for charity on Mothers Day. She went so far as to be arrested at least once for disturbing the peace.

Anna continued her campaign to wipe Mothers Day off the calendar well into the 40s to no avail. She died at age 84 in 1948. Penniless, she’d spent all her money on attempting to control how mothers are honored on Mothers Day.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Jewelry may help you tell mom how special she’s. Moms are special people, so you should let them know how much they are valued every once in a while. Hopefully, you show the moms in your life how much they mean to you a few times a year back rubs, dinners and respite from dishes or laundry are always nice, but on Mothers Day, its especially important to recognize the special place they’ve in your life.

Whether you are looking for something lovely for your very own mom or for the mother of your kids, fine jewellery is a thoughtful present that any mom will cherish for many years to come.

Mothers Jewelry

  • You are lucky when shopping for a jewellery present for mom because there’s a whole category of jewellery designed specifically for moms called Mothers and Family Jewelry.

personalized-jewelry-mom-jewelry-custom-name-necklace-personalized-necklace-hand-stamped-jewelry-hand-stamped-mothers-necklaceThere are necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants in a wide range of designs and styles to select from. Some popular selections include:

Heart themed jewelry, such as a heart charm bracelet, heart pendants or rings featuring hearts or key to your heart symbols

  • Mom themed jewelry with the word mum drawn in the piece
  • Family themed jewelry that celebrate the whole family, including family trees or other symbols
  • Medallions that can be engraved and / or enclose pictures of children
  • Mother-child jewelry, such as matching mother-daughter necklaces or mother and child symbols for pendants and charms for charm bracelets
  • Mothers Angel themed jewelry, including charms and pendants
  • Monogram jewelry featuring moms initials or a child’s initials
  • Message jewelry featuring sentiments like love, hope or faith. Open it up
  • Perhaps the mom in your life’s more understated and prefers a more modern, less traditional style.

Gemstone jewellery like rings, stackable rings, necklaces and bracelets featuring childrens birthstones does not scream mum in the world, yet shell personally be touched by its significance each time she wears the item. Make it a tradition.

  • Charm bracelets have made a comeback and have always been a fascinating way to memorialize the special times in our lives. A wonderful way to celebrate mom is with a charm bracelet that she can add different charms to through the years, including on Mothers Day.

Before buying your Mothers Day present, take some style cues from the jewellery she already owns, as well as her favored outfits and colours to ensure you select a present she’s sure to love. Giving a present on Mothers Day is a beautiful way to acknowledge the important place she’s in your life.

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