How to Improve Your Vocabulary


Currency meaning - How to Improve Your VocabularyWondering what does the word you have just heard or read mean? Odds are, you are even chatting online and you do not understand what your friend is trying to say.

There are many ways to improve your vocabulary. It is important to acquire new knowledge. Truth is, we all need to learn forever. Keep reading to become aware of the many easy ways to learn new words and build vocabulary.

Many options to improve your vocabulary

You can always look in the dictionary (language dictionary, not the one to translate) a word you do not know when you are reading or have not been able to ask when you actually heard it.

This is very easy so simply venture into a bookstore and get a good dictionary. You can even purchase one online (i.e Amazon or Barnes and Nobles) or borrow it from your neighbour.

Choose the right words

If your words are confusing, so is your reality, and vice versa. Leave behind the generalizations that lock you up and select the proper words.

You need to speak English fluently, imagine if you are in front of an audience, you must be able to leave everyone happy. You need to display a confident image, you cannot be afraid of words.

In some cases, you can easily infer the meaning of a word only by paying attention to the context of the sentence (as you can, also by noticing paralinguistic elements and body language).

In other cases, until you actually heard / read the word in several contexts or examples you may be able to finally infer its meaning. On other occasions, some individuals have to guess the meaning of the word by its etymology – although they may use this source few times (almost exclusively in technical terms) because many current meanings are just away from their etymological meanings!

In the case of words that refer to physical things, just look at the things and hear the word. Many experts believe individuals fully learn a word or phrase when they know how to use it properly or when they can understand the role it plays within a sentence in various contexts.

After learning the word or phrase, what you are supposed to do is to find some excuse to use it. This does not simply apply for just foreign languages but also with your own language.

Listening to songs in that language and the lyrics, this is always amazing! You will obviously understand what is going on.


As you may know, for everything you want to achieve in life, including your ambitions, goals and dream, you need something that can inspire you. Moreover, you need a good performance.

Vocabulary is the key! Even if you meditate, you may have a good performance, barely, but in order to have an optimal performance throughout the day, you need to think long term.

How about considering the above? It is about including simple tips and hints that will take you to the top. Mental demands are increasing and you do not want to stay behind.
Keeping your mind in optimum condition is the most important point, especially to achieve a magnificent performance. Are you ready to exceed the levels of basic challenges? Share your comments and suggestions. Your mind education comes first so feel free to debate.


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What’s next?

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