How to write a Harassment Letter?


Sir, I am working in a company for past eleven years as a tender coordinator, we are four staff out of one supervisor. I am hardworking and good with every staff.

Past few months I feel our supervisor is not fair in allocating jobs in proper way. He is not distributed jobs equally in between all 4 of us.

Meanwhile he puts more workload pressure on me and the same time my other coworkers just sits free, but it is not good for company progress.Β  I believe that the supervisor should maintained a proper balance in distribution of job allocation or distribution.

We must cooperate and to contribute towards the progress of company. Unfortunately he just keeps pressure on me, because of this heavy workload puts me on stress,.

I feel like I can turn to you as my superior in hopes that you may be able to come up with a solution that I have not yet been able to find. I can only hope that you will take my request seriously to look into this matter and take any necessary action. Please contact me for any further assistance.

Sir, Please correct for me this letter



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