I confuse ‘be’, ‘been’ and ‘being’. When to use them?


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is the base form of the verb. It can take the forms of am/is/are (in the present) and was/were (in the past).

It may be used as infinitive:

  • I want to be famous.
  • She’s decided to be more patient.


is the past participle, used in Present Perfect Simple and Continuous:

Difference between Since & For - MyEnglishTeacher.eu

Difference between Since & For ...
Difference between Since & For - MyEnglishTeacher.eu
  • I have been married for ten years.
  • I have been working here for a year.


is gerund or present participle, used after verbs that are followed by ING-ending, for example:

  • I love being with my family.
  • I hate being alone.

or in the Continuous Passive Voice:

  • My car is being repaired. (=Someone is repairing it now)
  • The kids were being looked after by my parents while I was on holiday. (My parents were looking after them)

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