I would like to write a thank you letter to my sponsor


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When writing a letter remember:

  • to write your name, your address and the date the letter was written on the right hand side of the page.
  • to write the name and address of the recipient of the letter underneath your contact details but on the left hand side of the page.


Below is a sample thank you letter, you can add more information to this letter if you wish.

Dear Mr/Mrs (name of the sponsor),

On behalf of (name of your company or organisation) I would like to thank you for kindly sponsoring our organisation.

We truly appreciate your continuous support and your very generous donation, your contribution will dramatically help us develop and succeed in future endeavours.

Without your involvement and generosity, we would not be able to aim high and reach our potential. Thank you again for your generous and continuous support.


(Your name).


This is a very generic thank you letter as I don’t know the type of organisation you are working for or what the sponsor has done for your organisation.

I think you should make this letter more personal by thanking them and highlighting how important their contribution is to the organisation.

For example:

  • If you are a coach of a football team and you need sponsors to help send your players to a football camp, you could write; thank you for your generous donation because of your support we can now send the players to the football camp. This is really going to benefit them as players but also as individuals.
  • If you are a charity organisation and are raising money to provide shelter for the homeless, you could write; we appreciate your contribution to our organisation. With your help we were able to provide shelter for 200 homeless people.

By adding in these personal aspects to the thank you letter, your sponsor will feel appreciated and will also feel content that their sponsorship and contribution to your organisaton will not be in vain.


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Thanks a lot for sharing this guide! I think it’s gonna work. A letter is respectful but personal at the same time. I needed help writing a paper, but I didn’t see your article that time. Now I do! Also, help for sharing useful links below the post.

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