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OTHER-WAYS-TO-SAY-in other words, good morning

OTHER-WAYS-TO-SAY-in other words, good morning

In Other Words Synonym

You can say:

  • To put it simply,
  • Simply put,
  • Let me put it to you this way,
  • What I mean is…
  • To put it another way,
  • That is to say…
  • Let me paraphrase that,
  • To put it differently,
  • To put it in other words,
  • What I wanted to say is,
  • To rephrase it,
  • To clarify
  • I.e.
  • In plain English,
  • As an alternative,
  • On the other hand,
  • Strictly speaking,
  • In a nutshell,
  • This means,
  • To put it briefly,
  • In simple words,
  • One might as well say,
  • In summary,
  • Thus,
  • Stated differently,
  • Otherwise speaking,
  • Another way to say
  • Eventually,
  • As a conclusion,
  • At the end,
  • Rephrasing,
  • Cut a long story short,
  • In a manner of speaking,
  • Shortly,
  • In simple language,
  • This means that,
  • To be specific,
  • You might also say,

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