Mowgli and Friends: The Jungle Book Characters


Jungle Book Characters

bring joy to readers young and old. Among them, Mowgli shines as the fearless human boy raised by wolves. His pals are no less exciting, including the wise Baloo and the sleek Bagheera.

But, wait! There’s more to discover. Shere Khan, the cunning tiger, adds a thrilling twist. And don’t forget Kaa, the mesmerizing python, with secrets untold.

Mowgli’s family is the wolf pack, led by the venerable Akela and the caring Raksha. They nurture him and protect the jungle with honor.

Hathi, the old and wise elephant, and Colonel Hathi keep order in the jungle, part of the prestigious jungle council.

Then there’s the boisterous King Louie, an orangutan with dreams of being human. And Shanti, the friendly village girl, who bridges the human and jungle worlds.

The Jungle Book Characters
Character Description Relationship/Connection
Mowgli The main protagonist, a human boy raised by wolves Raised by wolves in the jungle
Bagheera A black panther who is Mowgli’s mentor and friend Protector and mentor to Mowgli
Baloo A jovial bear who becomes Mowgli’s teacher Teaches Mowgli the ways of the jungle
Shere Khan A fearsome Bengal tiger and Mowgli’s main enemy Seeks to kill Mowgli due to his hatred
Kaa A large python who sometimes helps Mowgli Provides assistance to Mowgli at times
Akela The leader of the wolf pack that raises Mowgli Leads the wolf pack and cares for Mowgli
Raksha A female wolf who acts as Mowgli’s mother figure Protects and cares for Mowgli as her own
Hathi An old and wise elephant Part of the jungle council
King Louie An orangutan who leads a group of monkeys Wants Mowgli to teach him human tricks
Colonel Hathi A strict elephant who leads the military patrol Part of the jungle council
Shanti A village girl who befriends Mowgli Represents the human world to Mowgli
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