What’s snake in Jungle Book called?


Who is Snake in Jungle Book?

Kaa the hypnotic python image

In Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” there is a snake named Kaa.

Kaa is a large and powerful python that is 30 feet long and lives in the jungle. He is a recurring character in the stories and is known for his hypnotic eyes and his ability to hypnotize and manipulate other animals with his gaze and his soothing voice.

In the books and many of the movie versions, Kaa is a friend and trusted mentor or father figure to the main character, Mowgli. He is similar to Bagheera and Baloo. However, in Disney’s film adaptations, Kaa is portrayed as a secondary villain who tries to eat Mowgli.

Kipling’s Mowgli Stories

Kaa is first introduced in the story “Kaa’s Hunting” in “The Jungle Book.” He is an enormous and powerful snake in Jungel Book, over 100 years old and still very strong. In this story, Bagheera and Baloo seek Kaa’s assistance to rescue Mowgli, who has been kidnapped by Bandar-log (monkeys) and taken to an abandoned human city called the Cold Lairs. Kaa breaks down the wall of the building where Mowgli is held captive and uses his hypnotic abilities to attract the monkeys toward him. Although Bagheera and Baloo fall under Kaa’s spell, Mowgli is immune due to his human nature and saves his friends.

In The Second Jungle Book, Kaa appears in the first part of the story “The King’s Ankus”. After some fun with Mowgli, Kaa (the snake in Jungle Book) convinces him to go to a treasure chamber guarded by an old cobra in the Cold Lairs. The cobra tries to kill Mowgli, but its poison has dried up. Mowgli takes a jewel as a souvenir, not knowing it will cause trouble, and Kaa leaves.

Kaa, the snake in Jungle Book, looking into the eyes of little boy, Mowgli.

In “The Spring Running,” as Mowgli grows up and has to leave the jungle, Kaa tells him that change is hard but necessary. Kaa, Baloo, and Bagheera sing a song called “The Outsong” to say goodbye to Mowgli.

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Kaa’s role in Disney adaptation?

In the Disney adaptation of “The Jungle Book,” Kaa is a snake with hypnotic powers who tries to harm Mowgli, the main character, throughout the movie. Kaa uses his hypnotic gaze and smooth talk to capture and eat Mowgli, but Mowgli is saved by his friends before any harm comes to him. So, in Disney’s version, Kaa is not a friend like in some other adaptations; instead, he is a villain who tries to harm Mowgli.

Kaa’s (Snake in Jungle Book) significance in the original book story

In the book “The Jungle Book,” Kaa is a significant character. He helps Mowgli and his friends in some situations. He is like a mentor and protector to Mowgli. Kaa’s wisdom and strength are important in the jungle. Kaa also teaches Mowgli about survival and the jungle’s ways. So, Kaa is important for Mowgli’s growth and safety in the jungle.

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