Kitchen Vocabulary [Infographic]: 50 Kitchen Tools You Should Have


24 Tools in the Kitchen - Improve Your Vocabulary

Kitchen Vocabulary

1. Cupboard / cabinet

  • Where do you usually keep your dishes and cups?

2. Counter / countertop

  • This is a flat surface where you can do most of your food preparation in a kitchen.

3. Oven

  • If you want to bake something, you have to cook it in an _____.

4. Stove / stovetop

  • What do you call the top part of an oven where you can cook with pots and pans?

5. Burner

  • Where does the fire come out of in a stove?

6. Microwave

  • This is a smaller device used to heat up food or cook fast TV dinners.

7. Island

  • If you have a separate counter sitting in the middle of your kitchen, it’s normally called an _____.

8. Silverware

  • This is a general term for forks, knives, and spoons.

9. Utensil

  • This is a general term for any tool that can be used in the kitchen.

10. Pot

  • What kind of utensil can you use to boil something?

11. Pan

  • What kind of utensil can you use to fry something?

12. Rice cooker

  • What can you use to make freshly steamed rice?

13. Slow cooker

  • What can you plug in and use to cook a stew over a long period of time?

14. Toaster

  • What can you use to toast your bread?

15. Toaster oven

  • This is a sort of miniature oven used to bake small amounts of food, like a baked potato.

16. Blender

  • If you want to make a smoothie, you can mix all the ingredients in a _____.

17. Whisk

  • If you need to mix eggs or whip them into a meringue, you probably need a _____.

18. Tongs

  • If you need to take bacon out of a pan, you should probably pick them up with _____.

19. Chopsticks

  • A pair of sticks used to pick up your food, usually Asian cuisine, is called _____.

20. Refrigerator / fridge / icebox

  • What should you use if you need to chill your food or keep it cold?

21. Magnets

  • What do people usually attach to the sides of refrigerators for decoration?

22. Freezer

  • This is a compartment of the refrigerator that keeps food at even colder temperatures.

23. Minifridge

  • This is a tiny refrigerator, commonly found in college dormitories.

24. Groceries

  • This is a general term used for food that you buy at the supermarket.

25. Garbage disposal

  • This device, which shreds up food and disposes of it through plumbing, can be installed and attached to your sink.

26. Trash can / rubbish bin

  • What do you call a bin used to dispose of waste?

27. Compost bin

  • What do you call a container used to store decomposing food that can later become fertilizer?

28. Bread box

  • This is a special container used to store bread.

29. Pipes

  • A plumber will typically work on these if you’re having problems with your sink.

30. Plates / dishes

  • When you eat a meal, your food usually rests on _____.

31. Glasses / cups

  • Meanwhile, you’re beverages are usually contained in _____.

32. Mug

  • This is a cup specifically used to hold coffee or tea.

33. Dish soap

  • This is a cup specifically used to hold coffee or tea.

34. Sponge

  • You can use this to scrub soap on your dishes.

35. Dishwasher

  • Or you can use this special device to clean your dishes for you.

36. Stool

  • This is a chair with its seat higher than usual and often without a supporting back.

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