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  3. Nouns with Love
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Love is a universal feeling that is experienced by many towards other people, animals, places, ideas, morals, sports and so on. You will hear many singers singing about love and many movies themed on love.

The word love in English can be used in various ways with different meanings and functions. Continue reading to find out these meanings and usages of the word love.

❤️ What is the Definition of LOVE?!

The different meanings of love:

  1. As a noun love can be used to refer to a person, animal, place or object that a person has great affection or liking for, such as a family pet, a best friend or a sentimental landmark.
  2. As a noun it can also refer to a person that somebody loves and is attracted to romantically, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.
  3. As a verb love refers to liking or having affection for someone or something.
  4. The verb can also refer to the sexual or romantic attraction a person feels for somebody else.


When the noun love is used to refer someone or something you like or care for deeply.

  • I have three dogs and two cats, they are the loves of my life.
  • The love I have for my job will never fade.

When the noun love refers to a person that you love and are attracted to romantically.

  • My husband is my first love and my only love.
  • Love, let’s go out for dinner tonight” her partner said to her.
  • The feeling I have for you can only be described as love.

When the verb love refers to liking somebody or something.

  • I love my family, we are very close and we all care deeply for one another.
  • He loved playing tennis when he was younger, he would practice every day and compete in all the competitions.
  • The children loved going to school because their teacher always made learning new topics fun and interesting.

When the verb is used to refer the feeling of a romantic attraction between people.

  • I love my wife and I would do anything for her.
  • We met in high school and we have loved each other ever since.
  • She will never love him the way he loves her.

❤️ Love definition in the Bible

There actually is no clear biblical definition of love, but there are different types of love described in the Bible. These different types of love are named in Greek because that is the language which was used to originally describe them. There are 3 types of love mentioned most often, and 1 that is more uncommon.

However, it is important to say first that above all else the strongest love is love for God. “God is love” (John 4:8), and if God is love then in Christianity one must also love God. This type of love is beyond the other types of love which describe the emotion between humans.

The first type of love is called “Philos,” and it is a love between friends. This type of love describes a deep affection for another person we consider to be a friend. It is not a form of romantic love. In the Bible, one example of “Philos” is the friendship between Jonathan and David.

The second type of love is “eros,” which is a romantic and physical type of love. This type of love is a passionate love with physical affection between two people. “Eros” is the Greek origin of the word erotic. In the Bible “eros” is described in the Song of Songs.

“Agape” is another form of love and it describes a selfless type of love for everything and everyone. It is often called “Christian love,” and is associated with Jesus Christ. Since Jesus gave his life because of his love for the entire world, he is commonly used as an example of “agape.” “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greater of these is love.” (Corinthians 13:12)

The final type of love, which is not so commonly known, is “storge.” This is a type of love that is shared among family members. In the Bible “storge” is described between Noah and his family, as well as the strong family bond between Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus.


❤️ Types of Love

There are many different types of love, and not all of them have to be romantic. Some types of love are described in the Bible, while others have been described in psychology. Different types of love depend on the situation and the people that are involved.

The most common type of love is romantic love. This type of love is one between two people who are, or want to be, a couple. Romantic love means that the people have a deep affection, and physical attraction, to one another.

❣️Fatuous love

is a physical attraction to another person. This type of love means that a person has a type of affection for another person based on how they look. There is little attraction between two people sharing fatuous love, besides their sexual desires.

❣️Parental love,

also known as motherly or fatherly love, is the love that parents have for their children. It is often said that parents love their children more than anything. Fatherly or motherly love is a form of unconditional love.


is a love that we have towards ourselves, and the positive things we see in ourselves. This does not mean that self-love is vanity and that we imagine things that aren’t there. Self-love means that a person appreciates, cherishes, and knows which parts of themselves are good. A person who has self-love knows they are deserving of love.

❣️Uncommitted love

is a form of love where people are not forming any big commitments like relationships. It is a form of free love, where people can oftentimes see and even date other people. Uncommitted love can be seen as a fling between people, or it is often found in polyamorous relationships.

❣️Obsessive love

is a drastic form of love, where one or both people who feel this type of love are obsessed with the other person. This type of love is commonly used to describe stalkers. Most commonly only one person is obsessed with the other.

❤️ Love Synonyms

There are many synonyms to the word love. Love is an emotion, and there are different ways to describe that emotion. Because there are also different types of love there are also synonyms which describe each of these types as well.

One of the most common synonyms is


To have affection means to have positive feelings towards another person. These can be romantic, but also purely platonic.

  • He has deep affection for him, but they don’t want to be a couple.

Another synonym is passion. This describes the physical aspect of love. Passion means a deep attraction to another person, both physical and spiritual.

  • A haven’t seen a person with more passion that he has for her.


is a synonym that describes the type of love friends can share. It is not romantic, but rather platonic. Fondness is also not physical. It can also be constructed as a phrase, being fond.

  • He is fond of her, and he likes many things about her. But I wouldn’t say he wants to be with her.


is a synonym that describes the early stages of love. It means that a person is attracted to another person, but they don’t know enough about to be completely in love.

To fancy someone means to like someone. To like is also a synonym for love, and it describes the same thing as fancy.

  • I didn’t know she fancied her? I always thought she was more of a loner.
  • Jack just told me that he likes Nicole, and I think they’d make a great couple.

A colloquial, or slang term, for liking someone is to have a crush on someone. A crush is one of the first steps towards love. It is not a strong emotion, but it is a fancy towards someone which can become more of passion with time. 

  • She’s had a crush on him for years, and I just hope they take the next step.

❣️ To desire someone

is a synonym that relates to passion, because it describes a strong physical attraction to another person. To desire someone means to want someone in a mostly sexual manner. Desire is a strong emotion, but is does not always lead to love.

  • He was crazy about him. He desired him for ages, but after it happened they never became a couple.


is another synonym closely related to desire, but is can be both physical and spiritual. To yearn for someone means that the person wants another person in their lives. This can mean either as a lover, a friend, or both. Yearning means feeling somehow empty without the company of the person you yearn for.

  • She doesn’t just want him in her life she yearns for him, and without him she just seems sad.
  • They live in different cities, they talk every day, but still he yearns for her.

Just like there are many different types of love there are many different synonyms. Each synonym describes a different aspect and part of love. There is no direct on-to-one synonym for love.

romance, love, kiss

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❤️ Love Quotes 

❤️ Other words we can create with Love

Love Nouns

1. Love
having a score of zero in a tennis match

  • “The score is still love-love, let’s wait and see how the game progresses” the commentator said.
  • “What’s the score?” ”It’s 30-love to Williams. Williams is having an unbelievable match!”

2. Loveliness (noun)
a quality of being kind, caring or physically attractive

  • Her loveliness and caring nature made her an ideal mother and role model to her children.
  • The loveliness at the exhibition was overwhelming. Each piece was more beautiful and intricate than the one before it.
  • From their apartment they had a view of the sea, it was a picture of loveliness.

3. Lover (noun)
a person who is having a romantic relationship with somebody, it is usually a more casual relationship and outside of marriage

  • We were lovers in college, now we are married with three children.
  • “Are they in a relationship?” “Yes, they are lovers.

 4. Lovebirds (noun)
a couple that love each other very much

  • Those lovebirds are infatuated with one another and can’t take their eyes off each other.
  • When we were together we were like two lovebirds, we adored each other.

Love Adjectives

1. Loving (adjective)
showing strong affection or attraction

  • He is a loving father to his children, he cares dearly for them and would protect them with his life.
  • Her loving boyfriend, treated her to a home cooked meal after a long day at work.
  • They have a loving dog who they see as a member of their family.

2. Loveable (adjective)
describing a person, animal or object that is easy to love

  • Puppies and kittens are loveable, it’s impossible not to love them!
  • Their baby son was so loveable, the parents couldn’t keep their eyes off him.
  • She thought he was so fun and loveable that she decided to ask him out.

3. Lovely (adjective)
describing someone or something that is nice, attractive or pleasant

  • The couple went to the park and had a picnic, they had a lovely day together.
  • The wedding dress fitted the bride perfectly, she looked lovely.
  • The lovely shop assistant helped the lost child find her parents.

4. Lovelier (adjective)
the comparative form of lovely.

  • Many people think roses are lovelier than lilies.
  • “The pink dress with the pretty pattern is lovelier than that dress” her friend told her.
  • The park around the corner is lovelier than this park, let’s go there instead.

5. Loveliest (adjective)
the superlative form of lovely

  • Sunset is the loveliest time of day.
  • He is the loveliest person I know, he is so nice and thoughtful.
  • “You are the loveliest child in the world” said the loving father to his child.

Love Adverbs

1. Lovingly (adverb)
showing or feeling affection or love for someone or something else

  • They hugged each other lovingly.
  • “I love you and I will always love you.” She told her partner lovingly.
  • The mother lovingly carried her sleeping child to bed.

❤️ Love vs Infatuation

Love and infatuation may seem similar, but they are quite different. To love someone means to have a clear emotional connection to another person. Love is a confirmed attachment, which means that the emotions become stronger the more you know a person.

In order for a crush, or fancy, to turn into love two people have to spend time together and come to know each other. People truly love each other once they get to know each other. Love is a strong emotion that needs to be confirmed and even tested.

Love is a slow process, and it takes multiple stages. Infatuation is almost instant and does not require a person to test their emotions by getting to know the other person. Love means that the couple have a strong physical and mental connection. Infatuation is mostly a physical attraction.

Being infatuated with a person means that you want that person badly. This attraction is strong, but it does not require getting to know the person. Infatuation does not develop like love, it starts strong and it can end abruptly.

Infatuation more often than not does not last, unlike love. Love is nurtured and shaped until it becomes something stable. Infatuation is an instant emotion that can pass as quickly as it came about.

Where love is deep and secure, infatuation is shallow and not secure. Infatuation as a type of attraction can bring people together, and even form into love. But that is a rare case.

Love is founded on the deeper connection between people, and the more you get to know a person the more you love them. Infatuation is founded on shallow fancies, like being attracted to a person because they have a hair color you like. W

hile both love and infatuation are strong emotions that make people come together, love is meant for the long run, and infatuation is oftentimes just a moment.

❤️ Love vs In Love

There are some key differences between loving someone and being in love with someone. Loving someone is a type of commitment, and it requires time to build love. Being in love is a type of momentary feeling, which is made stronger with time.

Loving someone means being secure in the emotions that you have for that person. Being in love is usually called having butterflies in your stomach.

Being in love is commonly viewed as the first part of a relationship. It is the time period when you are just starting to get to know each other. While in love it is important to connect on a deeper level in order to form a strong love for the future.

This period of being in love is often the part of a relationship where people see if they have a strong connection. If the emotions and the connection between the couple grows they form a strong foundation of love. Loving someone comes after that starting period.

Loving someone is much stronger than being in love with someone. Love requires enough dedication to move beyond the first period in a relationship. Through this dedications and with time loving someone becomes a part of you.

When you love someone it is hard to stop loving them, and strong relationships are hard to break up. Being in love means that people fall out of love much more easily than expected. The biggest difference between loving and being in love is the strength of the emotion, and how long it can last.

❤️ Marriage Definition

Marriage is the legal and formal union between two people. The couple that are married are called spouses. There are different types of marriage.

The most common form of marriage is a religiously affiliated marriage. This means that the couple was married in a church, a mosque, a synagogue, or any other religious institution. Their marriage was officiated by a priest of their religion, and is recognized by their church.

A religious marriage is seen as a union that is protected by God. A priest of any religion that the couple has officiates the wedding to grant God’s blessing for the couple. A divorce in the case of a religious marriage is often seen as something taboo.

A legal marriage, on the other hand, is not affiliated with any religion. This marriage is officiated by a government official, and is not held in any type of church. This is seen as a legal agreement between two people who become spouses in order to share their lives together.

A legal marriage does not need to be only between a man and a woman. In places where it is legal, homosexual couples can also be married. It is called a legal marriage because it is often seen as an agreement between spouses to share their wealth and possessions.

❤️ Adultery Definition

Adultery is the terms used when a person cheats on their wife or husband. This can only happen in marriage, and it is not used for cheating while not married. Adultery is more often than not used in religion because it describes cheating in a sacred union between two people.

This term is used in all religions that have marriage. Adultery exists in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This is because people need to be married in order for adultery to describe the cheating.

Committing adultery means being unfaithful to the husband or wife, and having sex with another person. A simpler way of saying it is that one of the persons in the marriage had an affair. This term affair is used when religion is not the main factor considered.

Committing adultery can lead to divorce, and it can have other legal consequences. Marriages that have suffered through adultery can fall apart, or the couple might need therapy and help in order to overcome it. Adultery is one of the main reasons for divorce around the world.

❤️ Mingle Definition

To mingle means to meet and talk to people you don’t know. Mingling is a verb used to describe getting to know new people, or walking and talking to people within a large group.

Mingling happens commonly at parties, or when going out. When at a bar, a house party, or a club, a person can walk around and talk to new people. Mingling also means that the person is not just with the people they already know. Mingling requires meeting new people.

Mingling can also have romantic connotations. It can mean that a person is meeting new people because they want to form a new relationship. Through mingling a person can form new relationships, friendships, or just talk so interesting people.

  • I know you just went through a breakup, but you have to back out there and mingle.
  • We’re going to this new club, since the music is great and we can mingle with some new people.
  • She has the best house parties since there’s a lot of room, and people can just mingle and have fun.

❤️ Love Questions

There are many questions people ask themselves, or others, to see how they feel about another person. These questions are asked in order to determine if a person is in love, loves, or is infatuated with another person. Asking questions about emotions is important in order to understand how we feel.

  • Do you love me?

This is one of the most common questions asked, and it is also one of the hardest to answer. It should be easy to answer this, in case you truly do love a person. But if you’re not sure, then there are numerous other questions you need to consider in order to know if you love a person.

  • Do you value me?

Valuing a person means that you cherish them for everything they do, and for everything they mean to you. Their opinion is important to you, so are their words, their job, how they help you in life, and what they give to you. To value a person means that think everything they are, and everything they do, has a value not only to your life, but life in general.

  • Should I change?

This is a very important question in a relationship. This does not just ask if you should change how you act, look, or what you do. This question also asks if you should change how you feel, or if what you feel is real.

In a relationship, people can change in order to be closer to their loved one. Asking if someone should change more shows that some things still may not be the best they can. These can be small, or large changes.

  • Do you trust me?

Trust is one of the most important parts of a relationship. To love someone also means to trust them. Asking this question is very important because without trust a relationship cannot last.

  • Will you marry me?

This question is asked when a relationship is ready to become a marriage. Once married the couple become spouses, and share their lives together in ways that they haven’t before. Marriage is considered the final step in a relationship.

❣️More Love Questions:

  1. Is love at first sight real?
  2. How do you know if you love a person, or if you’re just in love?
  3. What do you find most attractive about a person?
  4. Do you believe in true love?
  5. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
  6. What do you think a person has to do for it be considered cheating?
  7. Do you believe love makes you a better person?
  8. Can you give yourself fully to another person?
  9. Are you faithful?
  10. When you love someone do you believe it will be forever?
  11. Would you like to get married some day?
  12. Do you think you can be friends with someone you will previously in a relationship with?
  13. What do you think makes for a healthy relationship?
  14. Did you ever want someone to change in order for you to love them?
  15. What would you do for love?
  16. Have you ever done something crazy for a person you loved?
  17. Could you forgive someone who cheated on you?
  18. Does it take long for you to start loving someone?
  19. Do you easily fall in love?
  20. Do you completely trust the person you love?
  21. How well do you know the person you are with?
  22. Do you keep secrets in a relationship?
  23. Have you ever cheated?
  24. Has love changed the way you think?
  25. Is it important for you that your family likes the person you love?
  26. Are you physically attracted to many people?
  27. Would you change in order to stay in a relationship?
  28. Can you let go of a person you love?
  29. What does love mean to you?
  30. Are there things about love that scare you?

❤️ Love Quotes for Wife

❤️ Love Proverbs

Love is one of the most beautiful human emotions. There are many proverbs that describe this beauty, and that cherishes love in all its forms. Some of them are from different cultures, some of them are from famous books, and some are just logical. Here are some proverbs from different cultures that have become famous all around the world:

  • Where there is love there is no darkness. – Burundi proverb

Love is often described as light. People tend to say to each other “you are my light.” So where there is a true form of love the light is strong enough that there can be no darkness, which means no negative emotions.

  • A heart in love with beauty never grows old. – Turkish proverb

People who love are warm, affectionate, and passionate. So, a person who loves with all their heart will always remain positive. Since love is forever, and the emotion so strong, a person who truly loves will never stop loving.

  • Love has produced many heroes, but even more idiots. – Swedish proverb 

Many things have been done for love, and because it is such a strong emotion not all of those things were smart. While in love we may sometimes do things that are reckless. This is why love can make heroes, but more often than not because of the stupid things we do it makes idiots.

  • It is love that makes the impossible, possible. – Indian proverb

Love is so strong that it can make people do almost anything. When this influence is a positive one, and when people feel stronger because they love someone, they can achieve great things. Love can make people go beyond their limits, and beyond what they thought was impossible.

  • Where there is love, there is happiness. – Polish proverb

Being happy can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. But love is the ultimate form of happiness, because you share it with another person. This makes love one of the strongest forms of happiness.

  • Where there is love, there is pain. – Spanish proverb

Loving someone is not always easy, and it takes time and dedication in a relationship. Love can also mean pain, because it is hard to lose a person, or to go through all the changes that can happen. But going through that pain can make the love even stronger.

  • Perfect love cannot be without equality. – Scottish proverb

In order for a relationship to work, and for the love to be true, both people have to be equal. This does not mean they just have to have equal lives, like jobs and pay. This means that each person respects the other in the same way.

❤️ Love Unconditionally Definition

To love someone unconditionally means that love has no limits or conditions under which it could break.

Two people share emotions on such a deep level that they do not need to fulfill any conditions in order to keep loving each other. The word unconditional means simply that there are conditions that need to be met.

When this is combined with love into “unconditional love,” it means that this love is one of the strongest possible. Usually, people expect something from the person they are in a relationship with.

This can be simple things like remembering anniversaries, birthdays, buying flowers, or some bigger things like being honest with each other, or not cheating. When the love is unconditional it meas that these expectations do not have to be fulfilled.

If a person loves another person for who they are, and that is the only thing they need to stay in love, then it is unconditional love. The expectations can be met because if the love is deep enough it becomes normal to do those things. But love is so strong because the most important thing is that both people in the relationship love each other exactly for who they are.

❤️ Lovey Definition

Lovey can mean different things because it can be a noun or an adjective. In British slang, lovey is used to describe a person you are in love with. The person is your lovey.

  • After work I’m going to meet my lovey for lunch.
  • Is he her lovey? I didn’t know they were together.
  • My lovey and I are going on a vacation soon, and we’re thinking of going to Italy.

Lovey can also be an adjective, and it describes how affectionate a person can be. If a person is a lovey type of person that means they show their affection often. The adjective is used to describe people exclusively.

  • He’s such a lovey person, and he always tells people how much he cares.
  • If she wasn’t so lovey I think half the office would hate her.
  • I can’t stand lovey people, and they always have to hug you and tell you how much they care.

Lovey is also one half of the term lovey-dovey. This describes a couple who shows their affection for one another publicly and often. Lovey-dovey couples show how much they love each other to people around them.

  • They just started dating and they’re all lovey-dovey.
  • Before we got married we were so lovey-dovey, now it’s just routine.
  • Those lovey-dovey couples that can’t keep their hands off of each other drive me insane.

❤️ What is a Love Triangle?!

A love triangle is a romantic relationship that involves three people. It can be very complex, and a lot of feelings are involved. It’s called a lover triangle because each person involved is a point within the triangle.

In a love triangle, three people have various types of affection for each other. There are different types of love triangles. Some are common and can happen often, while others are rare.

The most common love triangle is when two people are fighting over the affection of a single person. The person who the other two are fighting over has feelings for both and has to choose. In order to get the person to choose them the other two fight for affection.

A different type of love triangle involves one person dividing their affection between two people. This is similar to polyamory, but the three people are not in a committed relationship. In this type of love triangle, one person is trying to find out who they really want to be with.

One of the most emotionally complex love triangles is when all three people share a level of affection for each of them. There is no fighting among the people involved, but they find it hard to choose who they really want to be with. This can be very emotionally draining and does not often result in formed relationships.

One of the most famous love triangles ever is the one between Juliet, Romeo, and Paris. This is, of course, from the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

❤️ 9 Greatest Love Collocations

love collocations

1. Love life
this is a part of somebody’s life concerning their romantic activities and relationships

  • “How is your love life?” “It’s not great, I haven’t gone on a date in months and I’m not interested in anyone at the moment!”

2. Loved one
this usually refers to a very close friend or a member of the family

  • Our family has lost many loved ones over the past few years, we will never forget the members of this family who have passed away.

3. Love letter
a romantic letter written from one lover to another

  • He sent her a love letter every day while he was away. In these love letters, he talked about their future together and how much he loved her.

4. Love song
a song about love

  • The singer and song writer wrote many love songs, inspired by the person he loved.

5. Love poem
a poem about love

  • She enjoys reading love poems because they are romantic and remind her of her own lover.

6. Love affair
when a couple is romantically involved, sometimes this relationship or affair is hidden from the outside world

  • They decided to keep their love affair a secret, they didn’t want anybody to know about their relationship.

7. First love
the first person somebody falls in love with

  • He was my first love. We met in school and we were infatuated with one another. I had never felt that way about somebody before I met him.

8. True love
this is a very strong and special feeling of love and affection for somebody else

  • You are my true love, I will never love somebody else the way I love you.

9. Young love
this refers to a couple that are in love and are adolescents. They may be naive, innocent or immature but they are committed and dedicated to one another

  • They are in young love, they fell in love fast and are obsessed with one another.

❤️ 👉 Love Idioms and Love Sayings

Below is a dialogue between a teacher and a young student discussing the things the student loves in life:

Teacher: Today we are going to discuss love and the things we love in life. Andrew, what do you think the meaning of love is?
Andrew: I think when you love somebody, you care for them and would do anything for them.

Teacher: That’s very good, who do you love Andrew?
Andrew: I love my mum, my dad, my siblings and my cousins.

Teacher: Why do you love your parents?
Andrew: I love my parents because they are fun and they play with me. They help me with my homework and bring me to the cinema. Even when they give out to me, I still love them.

Teacher: Do you have any pets?
Andrew: Yes, I have three dogs.

Teacher: Do you think it is possible to love something other than people, like your three dogs?
Andrew: I think so, I love my dogs, they are my best friends. I have known them all my life and I love playing with them.
Teacher: Thank you, Andrew.

  • Love in Spanish: Amor
  • Love in Japanese: 愛 Ai
  • Love Emoji:❤️💖😍🥰
  • Love in Chinese: 爱 Ài

In case you need a love calculator 😉

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