Mad Hustle Dope soul, what is the exact meaning for this sentence??


Mad hustle Dope soul, what is exact meaning for this sentence??

Mad Hustle, Dope Soul meaning

Mad Hustle, Dope Soul comes from American slang. The meaning of the phrase is tied to the streets, and street culture, rap, drug dealing, or being a criminal, as well as basketball. 

Mad Hustle

Let’s start with the first part – Mad Hustle. The hustle describes various aspects of daily life in American lower-income neighborhoods. The hustle is the grind, the game, the slog, and everything in between. Hustle is also tied to dealing drugs, moving quickly, or playing basketball well.

Here’s a couple of examples for hustle:

  • We have to hustle or the 5-0 going to be here real quick.
  • Yo, he really can hustle that ball like nobody’s business.
  • We’ve been hustling all night, yo. Haul was 5000 dollars, five large!
  • In this neighborhood, you have to hustle or you’ll be whacked, son.

Having Mad Hustle is a step above the daily hustle. Mad is generally used in slang to describe something better than the competition. Mad hustle means you do any of the things in the streets really well. You can be the best drug dealer, talk to women or men really well, play basketball like a pro, or you are just have a nice daily life.

Here is a couple of examples:

  • He got mad hustle. Went home with another girl last night.
  • We can’t go to that block. That crew got mad hustle they don’t let anybody deal there.
  • No, I know you got hustle on the court, no doubt. But my man got mad hustle, he’ll dunk on you.

So, Mad Hustle describes doing something really well or having a good life and plans for the streets. Mad hustle is overall a good term.

Dope Soul

Dope Soul is actually very simple. Dope is used to describe something positive, nice, or friendly. Things and people can be dope.


  • You should try that ice-cream, it’s dope.
  • I love hanging out with you. You’re so dope.

So, dope describes something positive, and soul has a literal meaning. Dope Soul simply describes someone positive, or someone with a positive attitude. 

Mad Hustle, Dope Soul

Mad Hustle, Dope Soul is a positive saying that describes a good life and a positive person. Mad Hustle refers to the person’s abilities, and Dope Soul describes their nature. 

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María José A
María José A
3 years ago

I loved the explanation. Thank you very much!