OFC Meaning ๐Ÿ‘ What does OFC mean in Text?


ofc meaning

If you are texting with young people, you might often come across the abbreviation OFC. You may not be able to immediately guess its meaning, but it is a very common response to things that you may text. What does OFC mean? OFC meaning

OFC = of course

As a shortcut for the term of course, OFC is common in texts! Whether you are talking to your friends or your coworkers, telling them that you will OFC help them means that you are definitely going to help, and that you are happy to do so!

Unlike some other abbreviations, such as lol, ofc is not used in speech. It is only seen in texts, though you may also see it used on social media and in casual writing.


Amy and John

Amy: Are you going to the party tonight?

John: ofc, Jake was expecting me to help him set up before people start to arrive and help him clean up after they leave. You going?

Amy: ofc!

Walter and Elaine

Walter: Elaine, Iโ€™m just checking to see how your progress is. When do you think youโ€™ll be done?

Elaine: Putting the finishing touches on the project now. do you want me to send it to you when Iโ€™m done?

Walter: Sure! Ofc it would be great if you add the other members of the group so they can see the final product too.

Elaine: ofc, not a problem. Thanks!

Note on usage: OFC is a very casual way of texting, especially when you send it in a message with your phone. It is recommended that you spell out of course if you are writing to a boss or using the phrase in any type of formal situation.

Other meanings of OFC

OFC Meaning Medical: Occipitofrontal Head Circumference
OFC Meaning Governmental & Military: Officer
SM OFC Meaning Computing & IT: Single-Mode Optical Fiber Cable

OFC US Visa meaning

OFC means Offsite Facilitation Center. In the US visa application process, an OFC can be used to take a biometric scan before the visa interview. It is a common practice of US embassies across the world to provide an OFC.

An OFC appointment is held at an Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC). Since the US visa application process requires a fingerprint scan, also known as a biometric scan, this can be done the interview at any US embassy.

OFCs are used in order to speed up the US visa application process, which is known to take a long time. Since biometric scans donโ€™t need to be done at the embassy, the applicant can focus on preparing all the necessary documents and information for the interview.

OFC meaning in Banking and General Finances

In trading, OFC stands for Offshore Financial Center. An OFC in this instance is a financial jurisdiction outside of a country that has the same values are the country it stems from.

The easiest way to understand this is like a shop that sales things exclusively from a specific country. In an OFC you can use money from the country of origin, and buy or sell goods from that country as well.

Every value that a country has is reflected in the jurisdiction of the OFC.

Modern cryptocurrencies are closely related to offshore financial centers (OFC). A cryptocurrency data mine, or crypto web-bank can act as an OFC for individuals and corporations. Since cryptocurrency is hard to track it is often considered to be an OFC in of itself.

OFC File meaning

OFC is a file extension that is typed as .ofc. This file extension comes from financial programs like Microsoft Money 2005 and later. Files with the .ofc extension contain financial data.

OFC meaning in Medicine and Psychology

OFC has over 60 possible meanings in the field of science and medicine. It is a very common abbreviation used in the field, and it does not mean โ€œof courseโ€ in this instance.


  • orbital frontal cortex, optical flow constraint, orbitofacial cleft, orthopedic and fracture clinic, osteitis fibrosa cystica, orbitofrontal cortex, etc.

In psychology OFC is short for orbitofrontal cortex. This is a region in the frontal lobes of the brain that is involved in decision-making. Itโ€™s of great importance to research in the field of psychology.

The function, composition, and effect of the OFC on the rest of the brain have all been researched by psychologists for decades now. However, the OFC is still a part of the brain that researchers understand the least.

OFC meaning For Newborn

In the US one of the first things that is measured at birth is the Occipital Frontal Circumference,ย  abbreviated to OFC. This is basically a measurement of the size of a newbornโ€™s head. This is done in order to determine early on if there are any possible problems with the child, because a low OFC can indicate health issues.

OFC meaning for Wires, Cables, and Audio Equipments

OFC is short for optical-fiber cable. Unlike other cables an OFC carries light, as well as electricity. It is most commonly used in telecommunications.

OFC in the context of audio equipment is an abbreviation for oxygen-free copper. OFC cables are used in audio equipment, and an OFC cable is of very high quality. Oxygen-free cables conduct sound better than other ones, and thatโ€™s why they are held in high regard.

OFC meaning in Telecommunications

An OFC network is a communications network that uses optical-fiber cables exclusively. Today this is very common, because optical-fiber cables are accessible.

OFCs are also integral parts of the computers and servers used in telecommunications across the world.

If the acronym OFC is used when describing computers it refers to the quality of cables used. It either refers to optical-fiber cables, or oxygen-free cables. These are high quality cables that are used in only the best computers.

Computers and Servers using OFCs are handled by specialists.

An OFC engineer is a person who works with optical-fiber cables. They are specialist engineers employed in the telecommunications industry.

There are different types of telecommunications companies that use OFCs.

NLD OFC meaning

NLD is an abbreviation of National Long Distance, and in this case OFC stands for optical-fiber cables. In this instance NLD OFC is used as a label for special optical-fiber providers that operate specifically for one country, or nation. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s a National Long Distance OFC provider.

Here are some examples from India:

BBNL stands for Bharat Broadband Network Limited, and it is a telecom infrastructure provider set up by the government of India. As such the BBNL is also a provider of OFC cables used in their telecommunications operation. In India the BBNL is one of the largest OFC sable providers.

RJIL stands for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, and itโ€™s a telecommunications company in India. OFC stands again for optical-fiber cables, and shows that the RJIL uses them exclusively.

OFC meaning in Construction and Welding

In construction the acronym OFC is used for off-form concrete. This is a form of concrete that is used straight from the mold. It is poured into a mold, and then tacked onto any structure straight from that mold. Off-form concrete is often used in modern architecture.

OFC welding stands for oxy-fuel cutting. This is a cutting process that required fuel gasses that are mixed with oxygen in order to form flames with which a welder can cut through materials. It is one of the most common form of cutting and welding.

OFC meaning in Packaging and Shipping

In packaging OFC stands for overflow capacity. This overflow capacity describes how much you can fit into a certain package before it begins to overflow. Standard capacity is the ideal level of materials you can insert into a package, whereas overflow capacity means the amount you can put into a package before it canโ€™t be filled any longer.

The overflow capacity is very important when shipping packages, because a package filled above the overflow capacity can break or spill. When shipping the most common method is to stay below the OFC.

A bottle is commonly used as an example of standard capacity and OFC.

A bottle has two possible capacities. One is standard capacity, which means it is filled just below the lid. The second is OFC, or overflow capacity, which means it is filled to the brim and canโ€™t be filled any more without overflowing. Because of the OFC most bottles are only filled to their standard capacity.ย 

OFC meaning In Fanfiction

A fanfic is an original story based off of a popular work of fiction. In that instance OFC stands for Original Female Character. This describes a female character that is not present in the original work, but was added by the fanfic author.

In fanfics, new characters can be added, and OFCs are very common if a person feels that the original has a lack of female characters.

OFC meaning In Gaming and Chat

In gaming OFC simply means of course. It is used most commonly in instant chat during online games, because it saves a lot of time when typing.

OFC meaning Air Force and Military

OFC is a fairly common acronym in the air force, and the military in general. It can mean multiple things, and has no one concrete meaning.


  • objective fire capabilities, office of the fire commissioner, operational fire controller, OPTAR functional category, organization for combat

OFC meaning In Agriculture

In agriculture OFC stands for Organic Food Chain. In order to be considered and OFC, a specific food chain has to be certified by the Department of Agriculture. A certified OFC sells only organic produce gathered from other certified vendors, or from their own stock.

OFCs are not specific to America, and exist all across the world. Each country has their own regulations on how to attain an OFC certificate, and they are always handed out by the Department of Agriculture in a respective country.

OFC Bourbon and Whiskey meaning

OFC bourbon is named after the Old Fire Copper distillery where it was first produced. Today it is made by the Buffalo Trace distillery, but they kept the name of the bourbon in honor of the first owner who originally named it OFC.

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