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how to put a comma when writing English,

need to know what are the places

The easiest way to work this out, is by reading the text aloud, and putting a comma wherever it feels natural to pause and take a breath. Although, it may not always be easy to work that out. Here are the most important rules surrounding commas;

Commas are used to separate a list of three or more words or phrases, for example: โ€œI would like the red, blue and yellow pencils please.โ€ The last one is followed by and, therefore does not need a separate comma.

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AT ON IN Prepositions -

Commas are used to separate independent clauses, when they are joined by these coordinating conjunctions โ€“ and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet. โ€œI like chocolate, but only when itโ€™s melted.โ€

Commas are also used to shift between written text and a quotation. For example โ€“ He looked at John pleadingly, โ€œWill you wait for me?โ€ he begged.

There are may more rules around commas, but hopefully this should be enough to get you started with the basics!

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