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Postpone has two meanings. It can mean to put something off for a later time. In this case something was supposed to happen at one point in time, but for whatever reason it was moved back to a different time.

The time that the postponed event was moved back to may be stated right away when the event is postponed, or it may be left open ended. This means that the event is postponed, but no one knows when it will be rescheduled. This can sometimes happen with sporting events that are postponed due to weather.

The game will happen later, but the exact date will be determined later. The reasons why the event was moved back may be positive or negative. It may be because of something someone did wrong, or something that was completely out of everyone’s control.

In a contract it can be predetermined that certain events will cause something to be postponed. Anything from a game, to a wedding, to a payment can be postponed.

  • The football game was postponed for two hours because of lightening in the area.
  • We have asked the bank to postpone our loan payment by one month.

Postpone can also mean to put something in a lesser place of importance. It means to make one priority subordinate to another. It simply means something is less important. When something is less important one either may choose to not worry about it right now, or they may not do it at the moment.

When something is postponed it’s still important, but more important things will be attended to first. The delayed project may or may not be completed at a later time.

  • Building the new school will be postponed to fix the roads this year.
  • Some believe that postponing environmental initiatives in favor of economic advancement is necessary.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Postpone


Means to make someone or something late.  If there is a delay, then something was planned to happen at one time, but for some reason it will happen slower than originally planned.

  • The accident caused an hour delay to my commute home.
  • If we don’t leave now, our arrival will be delayed.


Means that something is put off to a later time. When something is deferred, it’s still going to happen, it just isn’t going to happen now. It is not late, it will simply be planned for another time.

  • Because of my status they allowed me to defer the payment.
  • In the contract it states the circumstances where payouts may be deferred.


Means to change the time of an event that has already been planned. When something is rescheduled, one of the people organizing the event has decided to move it to a later time. This can happen with something as simple as lunch between friends, or it can happen with a much larger event.

  • The meeting was rescheduled until after lunch.
  • I’m stuck in a meeting, can we reschedule?

Here are some antonyms for postpone.


Has many meanings, but as an antonym for postpone it refers to something moving forward. It’s the opposite of something being stalled.

  • We have decided to advance our plans to take on new office space next quarter.
  • I would like to do what I can to help you advance your cause to help the homeless.


Means to keep going with an activity. When something is continuing it is moving forward.

  • We will continue the meeting in an hour.
  • Are you going to continue your studies?


Means to make something happen sooner or faster. Usually a request has to be made for something to be expedited, and usually that request is made because someone is in a hurry.

  • Because she needed a phone charger right away, her dad sent it via expedited shipping.
  • We plan to pay the extra fee in order to expedite the application process.


Can mean to do something quickly. When something is done in a hastened manner, it is done right away. It can also mean that something causes an event to happen sooner than it was planned to, or sooner than it otherwise would.

  • The lawyer was able to hasten the trial date for his client.
  • He hastened to defend his friend.

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