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The word product is a noun and can be used as a countable or uncountable noun depending on the context it is used in. The word itself originates from the early fifteenth century and used in a mathematical context to express mathematical quantity obtained by multiplication. 

As well, from the Latin word productum which means something that is produced. Later it took on a meaning of anything that is produced could be considered a product. There are several contextual meanings of the word product that are used currently.

1. Meaning of Product:

We use the word product in a mathematical context to describe the process of when 2 numbers are multiplied together the result is another number or a product. In this context, this would be considered a countable noun.

  • Johnny, if you multiply 3 x 3 what is product?
  • I always have difficulty coming up with the correct product answer when multiplying large numbers in my head.

2. Meaning of Product:

We can also use the word product to refer to refer to people and things that are produced or influenced because of the unique environment they are from or are in.

  • In my opinion, children’s behavior and values are the product of their parents and friends, the people they surround themselves matter more that their genes.
  • The food we eat and the organic purity of it is a product of the environment it is grown in and raised in.

3. Meaning of Product:

One of the more common ways product is used is to refer to something that is made, grown for use.

  • The software company’s new product is amazing.
  • The product we grow is organic and all natural.

4. Meaning of Product:

We will use the word product when we want to refer to something that is the outcome of a procedure or product.

  • I had to opportunity to see the end product of the new bio fuel they have been developing.
  • Writing this blog was difficult but I am happy with the end product.

5. Meaning of Product:

Today, in the use when someone uses product to refer to any substance used to style hair. For example, hair gel, hairspray, mouse etc.  The use of the word product in this way is primarily used in North America.

  • What product are you using to style your hair?
  • I need to go out and buy some product, I have a date tonight and I want to fix my hair up.


Francis: He Paul, what do you think our new product line this year?

Paul: Well, I like products that have a low-cost production. When I multiply the numbers, we get a good product number.

Francis: Got it. By the way, how do you get your hair to look so neat and tidy for the whole day, what product are you using? 

Paul: I use a product made by Franco.  All of their products are very good.

Francis: Great are they the product of organic production?

Paul: I am not sure if the product is organic.

Francis: I better get back to work, I have many products to review before I go home.

Paul: You are a chip off the old block, a real product of your environment.

Related Phrases & Phrasal Verbs

By-product – in the context of product, we use this to describe the secondary effects, often times unintentional, of an original product.

  • The organizations development was the by-product of the company’s product line’s success.

Spin off – within the context of the noun product and the scope of business, we use spin-off to refer to an additional or incidental product produced as a result of the original product.

  • The spin-off was due in part to the product development team’s efforts.

Season’s Growth – when used in the context of product, we would use this to refer to the outcome or result of something.

Turn out – this is a phrase we use to describe how something develops or the ending result of something.

  • The product had gone through many revisions and it turned out to be one of the best we have seen this year.

After-effect – In the context of product, this is a term we would use to express something that follows the original primary effect.

  • The product was developed from the aftereffects of a product from the 1800’s.

Side Effect – we use this phrase in the context of product, to express the secondary and often undesirable effects of the original product’s intent.

  • The side effects of his father’s drinking problem result in his son developing anxiety issues, his son was a product of the dysfunctional environment his father created.

End result – this is a phrase we use to describe the final outcome of something or someone.

  • After the final product was presented, it was clear that the end result was a success.

Offshoot – in the context of product, we would use this to refer to something or someone that has resulted from something or someone else.

  • He was an offshoot of the educational problems teenagers have today and the product of our environment.

Related idioms:

Chip off the old block – in the context of product, we would use this term to describe someone who is a similar product to the original.  It is often used to refer to people.

  • He is a product of his environment, he is a chip off the old block – just like his father.

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