Scaredy Cat meaning & Who is a Scaredy Cat?


scaredy cat

A scaredy cat is something you say to describe a person who is afraid of many things.

We often say that people who are almost afraid of everything are scaredy cats. Being a scaredy cat means that the person is unlikely to try anything that might hurt them in any way, physically emotionally or any other.

Scaredy cats wonโ€™t try new food, talk to new people, do sports, invest, or anything that has a certain level of risk.

The reason why itโ€™s called a scaredy cat is because cats are brave animals, and the ones that are scared are afraid of everything. People who are scaredy cats are the same.

Scaredy Cat Examples

  • Come on, talk to that girl sheโ€™s been looking at you all evening. Donโ€™t be a scaredy cat!
  • Why havenโ€™t you invested in the stock I told you? Youโ€™ll get nowhere being a scaredy cat.
  • He is a scaredy cat. He wonโ€™t even try spicy food.


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