Simple Past Quiz: 20 Quiz for practicing SIMPLE PAST tense


You can do this grammar simple past quiz here or Simple Past Quiz. It tests what you learned on 4 Past Tenses in English page.

Quiz for Simple Past Tense

Fill in the blank with the verb in the simple past tense (20 questions)

1. I can’t believe she ________ (go) to his place even after he cheated on her.

2. Did you know that Marc __________ (pay) over $5000 for that?

3. Allen’s clothes are dirty. He _________ (play) football yesterday.

4. I’ve _________ (work) on that project before you took over, so if you have any questions just ask.

5. As the team leader, I’ve __________ (have) to make some hard decisions over the past weeks.

6. The problem is that the cables ___________ (are not) wired properly to begin with.

7. Alice __________ (move) out of that apartment two weeks ago.

8. I ____________ (think) they had a dog, not a cat.

9. She can’t keep a secret. I __________ (tell) her something in confidence some time ago, and she blew it.

10. It can’t be _________ (help), we’re going to have to switch out the motherboards.

11. My mother is sick, so we ___________(drive) out to her place last weekend.

12. I think he __________ (know) about the gas leak before the explosion.

13. Can you tell me what you __________ (think) would happen?

14. My dad __________ (order) a new set of lawn chairs last month, and they still aren’t here.

15. They have the funds and have ___________ (buy) the company outright just last year.

16. Max _____________ (doesn’t) care if he lost all his money in the poker match.

17. Even though she’s scared, she still ____________ (fly) out to see her boyfriend two days ago.

18. Yes, I __________ (try) that type of sushi when I was in Japan.

19. They still haven’t ___________ (agree) on how to proceed.

20. They ____________ (find) the victim in the park.

Simple Past Test Answers

  1. went,
  2. paid,
  3. played,
  4. worked,
  5. had,
  6. were not (weren’t),
  7. moved,
  8. thought,
  9. told,
  10. helped,
  11. drove,
  12. knew,
  13. thought,
  14. ordered,
  15. bought,
  16. didn’t,
  17. flew,
  18. tried,
  19. agreed,
  20. found

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